How much are you paying for your phone data plan?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by zeemeerman2, Oct 8, 2011.

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    I'd like to know which data plan you guys have. The prices you pay monthly and what you get. Just to compare data plans and prices from all over the world, not just AT&T, Verizon and Sprint, since, for me it looks expensive compared to my data plan.

    For me, that would be:
    I pay a Belgian VMNO, Mobile Vikings.
    I pay 15 euros per month, pre-paid, no contract.
    Each top-up, I get 2 GB data volume (tethering possible), available 1 month,
    1000 free messages to other Mobile Vikings consumers, available 1 month,
    1000 free messages to other providers, available 1 month.
    Calling rate is 24 euro cent per minute, which is about 62 minutes total. Credits remain on the phone for 6 months.
    Mobile network is mostly EDGE (±15 KBps) at the countryside, and 1 Mbps (±125 KBps) HSDPA in cities.

    What do you pay and what do you get? Just curious what someone else in the world pays.
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    Dublin, Ireland
    30euro ($40) for unlimited vodafone to vodafone texts and calls and 250mb for data and after you finish that 250mb you get charged 99cents for every day you use the internet. But what's good about this plan is that I top up by 30euro and I can use that 30euro to make calls and send texts to other networks and for when I go over the 250mb (which I always do).
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    22 with vow for unlimited for my line.

    82 for 3 lines with unlimited data.
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    Mar 19, 2011
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    I'm on 3 mobile PAYG in the UK and pay £5 for 2GB of data valid for 30 days,

    I don't have any real need for calls or texts (email, facebook, skype and (soon) iMessage are how I keep in touch with people) so it's just £5 a month for effectively unlimited data, which also can be used for tethering.

    but with each top up I get 300-600 free texts, free 3-3 calls and 150MB of data all valid for 90 days, so yeah it basically only costs me £5 a month, and I only buy the data add-on when I need it so it may only cost me £40/£50 a year.
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    £45 for...

    Unlimited data
    Unlimited txts
    Unlimited mms
    Unlimited calls

    I also get 2/3 lines for conference calls
    International minutes
    1200 international txts (when I'm outside the uk)
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    Montreal, Canada
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    $30 for unlimited data. When all media becomes streaming digital, it's going to suck for anyone who doesn't have an unlimited data plan.
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    £10.00 a month or around $16US. For 300 talk mins, 2000 texts and 1GB of data a month.

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