How Much Can I Sell My Stock 512 Macbook RAM For?


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Aug 30, 2003
Snellville, GA
FWIW, if you're selling 2x256 sticks, I wouldn't expect too much.
Most machines are coming with 512MB these days, and as it's a SO-DIMM and most laptops don't have more than 2 slots...

Just search eBay :)


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Mar 24, 2003
CanadaRAM said:
Keep it, in case you ever have to send the machine in for warranty work.

Best comp advice I've heard all day. You probably won't get much for them anyway, and saving them could save you alot of trouble.


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Aug 21, 2004
I have yet to see anyone unload their stock 512s. I am not sure why apple puts them as stock in the first place and its a slap in the face when you want to upgrade! Just keep them.


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Nov 5, 2002
RAM is customer upgradeable, you can send it in when you get a repair ... never had any problems with that.

My apple repair lady actually recently told me that in her many years of repairs, RAM is not usually the problem for anything, but APPLE likes to tell everyone it is, because they don't want it to be their fault ... makes enough sense to me.


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May 31, 2006
New York
"For AppleCare owners: Your computer must retain at least ONE stick of Apple-branded RAM to continue to qualify with AppleCare. For 12" PowerBook and iBook owners, the logic board RAM satisfies this requirement. For all other computers the Apple-provided RAM must stay with the computer until AppleCare expires."

I'm glad I saw that. When I get my macbook (stock), I'll be putting my own in. I'll be sure to keep the stock Apple ram though, so I can put it back in if I ever do need to send it in.