How much cellular/wifi data do you use per month?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by drysdale86, Apr 27, 2016.

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    After 4 years with Three (UK) and unlimited/all-you-can-eat data, my contract is ending and I'm switching to pay-as-you-go with EE and a 4GB monthly data allowance to save money. Receiving my new 64GB SE after selling my 6S+.

    I realise I probably use 50% of my data whilst at home, and could use my home Wi-Fi signal more to save data allowance. I estimate I use around 11GB per month on average, mainly watching YouTube, the occasional streamed movie/Netflix, but mostly a lot of browsing Safari.

    I'm going to try and survive on 4GB a month but try and use my Wi-Fi signal when at home to save my allowance.

    How much data do you use a month on both cellular and Wi-Fi?

    Which do you use more?

    Any data allowance-saving tips for limited quotas?
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    For clarification: We have unlimited data.

    Before September 2012 we used collectively (my wife and I) around 10-13GB per month. Afterwards, due to Sprint's poor network a lot of what we used to do got offloaded to WiFi. We've been slowly increasing back since about 2014 and have jumped significantly since we ported to T-Mobile in October 2015. I still have yet to get my wife's phone off of WiFi at home - which would certainly increase our usage.

    So, including our tablets we are averaging about 6GB/month. My wife is returning to school to get a teaching degree in August so I expect data to jump a lot at that time. She will be on campus with a phone and iPad.

    WiFi I don't keep track of. The only internet I pay for is at home and I'd have to try very, very hard to exceed our 350GB data cap. WiFi outside my house - that's not my problem.

    Between September 2012 and 2014 WiFi. Now it's back to cellular. I pay T-Mobile for cellullar, I will use cellular.

    Keep a close eye on Location Services. Any time it goes off for any application it's accessing data and consuming battery.[/QUOTE]
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    4gb will be hard to stay under. I am not a heavy user and use wifi at home and work and still use 3gb and sometimes over 4gb.
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    I use 4gb cellular and 55gb wifi

    I would estimate that 40% of my iPhone usage is on wifi.

    Monitor your cellular usage for each app in Settings->Cellular. There are apps that consume quite a bit of cellular data. Either disable them or use these apps carefully. Safari tends to use more data than specific apps (for example, browsing Macrumors on Safari could use more data than dedicated forum-browsing app). And download data-monitoring app.
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    Our 5 line AT&T unlimited family plan has used 12.8gb in the past 7 days. I'd have to check the wifi usage, as our home internet service gives me up to750gb/ month, so I haven't checked that in years.
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    Let's see, for my cellular usage, I'm at 388MB this month (~2/3 through the billing cycle), so I'll probably hit 600MB by the time that the cycle ends. It's a shared 5GB/month across two lines, and even back when it was 2-3GB, pretty much the only time I came close and got a usage warning was when I was on vacation and was using my phone out a lot more. As it stands, both my work and apartment have wi-fi, and that is where I use it most often. The Wi-fi at home is huge though, especially if you watch online videos or play music online, as those are both data hogs (I'm not sure about wi-fi usage)
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    9 April - 8 May, I've so far used 30GB cellular data and around 7GB WiFi data.

    On average I use between 20GB - 40GB a month cellular data. I'm on an unlimited plan so don't worry about data usage. My usage mainly consists of Video streaming and music streaming services.
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    How much data do you use a month on both cellular and Wi-Fi?
    3GB cellular. Rarely track wifi but I'm guessing my wifi usage is way more lets say 4-6GB??? ish give or take with alot of youtube streaming.

    Which do you use more?
    Wi-Fi for snapchat/insta/facebook/safari. These are the real offending apps imo for my data usage. Easily surpass 100-200mb/day. Cellular is so limited its horrible

    Any data allowance-saving tips for limited quotas?
    Depends on what apps you use imo.
    If you want before leaving house, view some webpage on safari... Load them up on ur home wifi all 5-10 pages and then turn flight mode on. This is how I save data as each page is approx 5-10mb now ... 10 of them is easily 50-100mb. -.-

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