How much could I sell my iBook for?

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    I am what one would call a "prosumer" -- I use my Macs pretty intensely, do some freelance design stuff, but don't have the need for a pro machine. Right now I have two iBooks, a G4 and an Indigo G3 for backup use/friends checking their email/etc. I'm considering getting a Mac Mini (waiting until Rev. B, of course) and selling my Indigo iBook (as much as I love it). It's really in like-new condition, no dead pixels, Jaguar, maxed out on RAM, and an Airport card. Any estimates for what I could get for it on the used market? eBay only seems to have parts these days, so I'm having trouble using that to guage the market.
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    Feb 1, 2005
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    I would say $250 - $400 depending on condition and what is included.

    If you offer the disks and box for Jaguar, you will get more. What processor is installed?


    Looking at your post closer, if it is a 366 or faster it should go for over $400 because of its maxed out memory, and from what you say, good condition!

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