How Much Data do you use per month?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by iCantwait, Jul 9, 2008.

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    I'm looking to estimate how much 3G data plans will be for the new 3G iPhone in Australia. Us poor Aussies have always been charged different amounts for more or less data in our plans and I can't see this changing for the iPhone (plus we have laws against advertising unlimited plans when they're not.)

    At the moment I have no idea, even roughly, how much a typical iPhone would use. So it'd be nice to know anyway.

    I understand 3G is different from EDGE and I'll factor this in.

    Question: On average, how much iPhone data do you use per month?

    To find out, go to Settings > Usage > EDGE Network Data, and fill in this handy form.........How handy!

    ******************COPY HERE**********************

    1. Sent: ____ (Bytes/KB/MB)
    2. Received: ____ (Bytes/KB/MB)
    3. Date sent per month: ___ (Bytes/KB/MB)/month
    4. Date received per month: ___ (Bytes/KB/MB)/month
    Hint: (Divide by the number of months you've used your iPhone or the months between now and the last reset date shown at the bottom of the screen).

    5. Would you say your a regular/irregular EDGE data user? How would you judge yourself? What sort of things do you do online eg. Lots of Youtube, Forums only. (I pre-emptively prevent anyone from saying ' downloading pr0n.') :-D.

    6. Do you connect with WiFi on your iPhone for regular internet browsing?

    ******************COPY UNTIL HERE**********************

    orjust say how many gbs you downloaded in one month, thanks

    ps, stole this from Mcbanjo,
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