How much data on average does iTunes Radio use?

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by ra4oasis, Aug 7, 2013.

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    I tend to ride the bus to work a few times a week, and it is roughly a 45 min trip. I'd like to use iTunes Radio occastionally, but I only have 1 gig of shared data between my wife and I (we both have wifi at home, work, parents homes, and so forth). I just don't want to eat up a ton of data and find out AFTER I go over my limit for the month. Has anyone tested to see on average how much is used for a set time frame?

    If it helps, I live in a city that has 4G LTE basically all over the place.
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    get onavo extend, a song is about 4-11mb so depends on how many songs you listen to. 1024 mb in a gb or something. 93/94 songs if it's 11mb, 256 songs if it's 4mb so somewhere in between that
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    1 gig shared? how much does your wife use? I think you'd go over your 512mb limit (shared equally) in a few days to a week.
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    Got to scroll down to Music, write down how many MB you have used, start your bus ride and iTunes Radio, after 30 minutes go back to and see how much you have used, that will give you and idea and see how much iTunes Radio you can use in the future.
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    iOS 7 shows you per app cellular usage.

    Since a clean install on Jun 30th my music app has used 1.5gb of data. This includes 20 hours of listening just from a recent trip, probably 4-5 hours from commuting, and at least 2 dozen downloads from iTunes Match.
  6. Jalopybox, Aug 7, 2013
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    The Radio uses about .75/mb per minute of music streaming. So for a 3:30 song, 2.6mb were used. Pretty low bitrate-128mbps. Also, the low frequencies are hacked off.
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    Perfect. I didn't know about that. I'll check on the way home today. Thanks!
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    You can also reset your statistics every month, when your billing cycle begins, that way you can see how many MB/GB you use a month, and also for any specific app, you can turn off any app that's using way to much MB that you don't really need over cellular.

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