How much does a track pad repair/replacement cost from Apple?

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by DramaLLama, Jul 15, 2013.

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    I have an early 2011 13" MBP... Recently my cursor has been going crazy, more times than not. I don't think I'm under warranty anymore, how much does a trackpad repair/replacement cost? If its the battery swelling problem that I've seen in similar posts, how much would a new batter/repair for that cost me out of warranty?
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    If you are handy...

    Over the years I've dealt with Laptop Parts Experts, inc and I've had great experiences. Generally speaking, the parts are not going to be cheap but Apple does charge a considerable premium. For instance, 8gb stick for a MP retails from Apple for over 300 dollars but just over 100 from OWC.

    So, if you are handy, you could save more than a few bucks but be very careful with the screws! I use experience but when I started I used egg cartons :) Set yourself up in a clean and static free area and have at it. It is moderately hard for MBP but patience wins in the end. The parts fit amazingly precisely so do not force anything. If it doesn't fit, something else is wrong; do not be afraid to start from scratch.

    Since you will be going through the hassle anyway, think of replacing the hard drive for an SSD. My MBP is older than yours and I love it!

    Hope this helps a little :)

    I haven't checked with Apple for possible recalls concerning the battery but check beforehand.
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    My nieghbors have a MBP (not sure what year--possible 2010) and just recently had to get their trackpad replaced. Apple did the service in-store for around $90.
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    That was great advice RAMtheSSD, but I definitely wouldn't want to do it myself. I guess I'm not that handy! :D

    That trackpad replacement seems really cheap for Apple doing it in-store. I've never had to do this, but I expected it to be more.

    Just looked through Apple discussions and found this thread seems like the kind of conversation you should read through to help. None that I've read talk about pricing for replacing anything, but there are seemingly simple DIY solutions.
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    Unibody MacBook Pro trackpads are typically around $45-65, I'd say with labor you'd be looking around $150-$175 tops.

    Take it into the Genius Bar, they can give you an exact quote, minus the tax, for free.

    Battery replacement should be $129 +tax based on the info on this Apple support page...
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    Went to the apple store earlier... Everything tested normal... And since it wasn't breing problematic at the time of course they couldn't see the issues... now what.
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    I just replaced the trackpad in a 2009 13" MBP, it's an incredibly simple and cheap job. After taking off the bottom plate you have to remove the battery, unplug the trackpad from the logic board and then undo a few screws on the trackpad to pull it out. The replacement trackpad cost around $20 so not a bad deal.
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    If you're still having problems, I'd check back again with Apple.

    My old MB was having issues with screen flickering. This was several years ago so I don't remember all the specifics, but I narrowed it down to 2 parts, both of which required me to take a lot of the MB apart. The parts were going to cost around $100, and I didn't even know for sure if that was it.

    Apple was able to give me a quote over the phone (got lucky??) and said they could do it, parts and labor, for $50. When i got there, the guy noticed a small chip on the top cover (this was an issue with this MB model) and said they HAVE to replace it, and since they're opening everything up the labor would be free. When I went to pick it up, another guy saw I was only paying $10 for the part, said he didn't want to deal with that, and handed me my very nice looking and fixed MacBook.


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