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Sep 13, 2013
I want to purchase an iphone from virginmobile.com and have it sent to my home in the usa. Im currently in canada at the moment. But in order to have it shipped to me here in canada... i have to pay outrageous custom fees correct? For example, i see the iphone 4 8gb is 199+ tax at the moment on virgin mobile and its 360+ tax for the iphone 4s 16gb.

I want the iphone now b/c i want to use it now and also have it when i get back to the usa. I would not be using it now as a phone but would be able to make phone call with wifi or text with wifi.

I dont want to buy an iphone here in canada b/c first off its extremely expensive for one and b/c when im leaving in few month... i assume i would need to sell it anyway before i leave since it would be useless in the usa? The thing is im not going to sign up for a plan so if i do get it... i might as well get an ipod touch but i would want the iphone now.

I checked a site called the finalcost.com and i entered some information such as the cost and i just put some shipping fee like 20 dollar as an example but after all these costs... it would basically cost 300+ dollars for it? thus 220 or so for the phone and another 85+ in taxes for customs to have it sent here? And thus for the 360+ tax one... it would cost nearly 500 dollars?

Or could one not be able to ship it to canada?


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Oct 25, 2013
well im not sure where you are, or where you are sending it...so i'll use my current location (South Eastern NC) and toronto, can as the destination.

I just received a 5s from China yesterday so I have the shipping box in front of me

6"x5"x2" box
.4 kg
declared value 559 (iphone 5s 16 GB)

Cost ranges from $30 USD for standard shipping to $150 to get it there by this Sat morning at 10:30

Here is the standard delivery breakdown of cost. Would arrive in Toronto on Wed 11.27

UPS Standard 16.35 USD
Signature Required 4.25 USD
Declared Value 4.50 USD
Fuel Surcharge 1.44 USD
Residential Surcharge 2.80 USD
Shipment Total: 29.34 USD

For 50 bucks more it gets there tues, 55 more monday, 60 more noon on mon, 133 to get it there mon morn, 106 to get it there sat by 130
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