How much longer should I keep waiting?

doc shivers

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Jul 24, 2012
I have a 5 year old system, I have set away $10k, and have been diligently waiting on apple to put out a new professional machine to drop it on. I am becoming increasingly frustrated with Apple stringing us along with these updates to other systems, only to give a collective middle finger to the professionals by mentioning that a new model is in the works. In my opinion if Steve Jobs were still alive he never would have let this happen to his most loyal customers. At this point I'm starting to think about giving a Windows system a second chance because they actually seem to care about their professional users.


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Sep 14, 2006
The only information we have is that Mac Pro users will get something later next year. One can speculate that it would be a traditional replacement in the form of a dual Xeon workstation, but we don't know.

It makes little sense for a professional user to stay with Apple at this point. They have no real interest in your business. If you go to windows you have hardware and software makers who, through competition, will make an effort to get and keep you as a customer.

You have the big vendors like Dell, HP and Lenovo and you've got the smaller companies like Boxx, Thinkmate, AVA Direct and Puget Systems who have a heap of options. You can build it yourself and save some money and know your system better. You can put OS X on a PC if you really want it and are willing to invest some time.

All that said there is nothing wrong with the current Mac Pros other than value for money. They are a lot closer in performance to what you would get from switching than what you have now.

doc shivers

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Jul 24, 2012
I've waited this long, I'm not going to buy a current system only to have apple pull the rug out from under me and release a new system next year. Guess I will have to just to let apple continue to bend me over and take it up the butt.


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May 25, 2004
i'm pondering this as well. With the new iMacs coming out in december for the 27 incher, why not wait a few more weeks and see what happens is my thinking. My iMac that I have now (see sig for specs) is dying, I can't even sync my Iphone 5 with it because I can't update to the latest version of iTunes... I need a machine that I can work in Final Cut Pro for 10+ hours a day no including rendering, my mbp is barely cutting it.

When in 2013 are they supposed to come? Any new chips from intel or AMD in early 2013 that would fit?
For some odd feeling that apple is going to design their own chip for the mac pros..


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Jan 10, 2007
I wouldn't buy a new Mac Pro, even with your money.

It's two-year old tech with 2012 pricing, and inflated pricing at that.

The last "bang for the buck" Mac Pro was in 2008. After that, someone at Apple apparently thought it would be a good idea to apply the 30% profit margin to the Mac Pro.

If you really want a Mac Pro, buy a refurb, or pick one up on EBay from a trusted seller.

......or build a fast Hackint0sh with new components, and save money at the same time.


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May 15, 2006
I'm afraid Apple is going to fall into a cycle. Not updating the Mac Pro because a lot of the sales are going to iMacs and minis will cause further sales decline as people won't want to upgrade because the technology is old. Apple finds that less people are interested in it, so they delay upgrading, which makes the problem even worse. End result? Apple calls it quits with the Pros and decides to concentrate elsewhere.

I'm afraid that's what's happening, even though Cook has promised a new Mac Pro later next year.


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Jul 5, 2012
I think the frustration level is at an all time high. Tim Cook needs to shed some more light on this issue and quick! If it is an issue of chip supply, then he should let us know. At least he should be giving us more to go on. First quarter, second quarter, third quarter.... there is a big difference between early 2013 and late 2013. Being so vague about the Mac Pro just pisses everyone off.

I know they owe us nothing and that Apple can steer the ship in another direction, but don't we deserve a little more respect than what they have been showing. Crap or get off the pot!! And let us know so that if we have to make other plans we can.

I feel like a damn puppet and Apple just keep jerking the strings!

And no I'm not whining

It's beyond whining!!


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May 27, 2009
The new Mac mini is just about as CPU powerful as the 2009 Nehalem 2.66ghz machine (my 2009 Pro ironically)

Not sure what Pro you were looking to get, but if you got one of those and one of the external thunderbolt PCIe enclosures+ext graphics card, you'd have a very similar machine at this point.


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Jul 17, 2010
The last "bang for the buck" Mac Pro was in 2008. After that, someone at Apple apparently thought it would be a good idea to apply the 30% profit margin to the Mac Pro.
Not so sure on that as I priced out all kinds of workstations from HP, Dell, Puget, etc. and could not find anything much cheaper (give or take $100.00 only) at the time of 2010 release. The 6-core 3.33GHz, the 2.66GHz 12-core and the 2.93GHz 12-core were all relatively similarly priced from the shopping I did. That changed after 6 months of course and the Mac pricing became insane thanks to zero competition and component price reductions.
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