How much RAM do you have installed?

How much RAM do you have installed in the MacPro or HackPro you use the most?

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Jul 3, 2011
Same amount as yours. But I got it $109 each :p
But I don't live in the states, I probably cold have trolled ebay until I found it cheaper but Jürgen always takes care of me so I'm good with the price.

What kind is it and where did you find it? Is it dual rank or quad rank?


Not bad at all

I remember just a few years ago, a 1gb stick was over 100 for my mb
No kiddin..

I think RAM has stopped it's downward spiral though for a while..


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Jan 9, 2008
Yeah, both processors and RAM get cheaper with time. Didn't Apple want something like $3,000 for 32GB when the 2006 was first released? The void between my ears seems to be echoing up numbers like $2,800 and such like that. Or was it more than that?

I think I paid $325 for 32GB here about 6 months back. Heh, I had to wait 5 freaken years for the amount I initially wanted to become affordable. :p

Here's some info about CPU prices in March or 2009 (at the bottom):


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Oct 19, 2012

64 GB. But in some occasions I go up to 96 GB....Never tested throughfully the 128 GB "magic limit"....:confused:



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Apr 14, 2010
I have 48GB and its been a real treat to never, ever run out.

I bought the box stock with 16GB and quickly realized I needed more. I don't push the machine hard often, but when I am doing a few data intensive things at once, its nice to know it slices through it without any hiccups.

I'm likely to do the same on the new Mac Pro, unless I can get 64GB cheap enough that I can justify it.


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Sep 17, 2011
32GB (8x4GB). Only cost $275 before the $AUD tanked against the $US. Only utilized the full amount opening a 26GB image file from a Leica microscope in an XP virtual machine. Usually have about 22GB free most of the time.

Glen Quagmire

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Jan 6, 2006
4GB - 2x1GB and 4x512MB. These are FB-DIMMs (somewhat obsolete, expensive), which is why my Mac Pro has so little RAM.


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And they run about $750 each
That, too.

But actually, four DIMMs is the right thing to do if you look into the future.
The next step after DDR3-1866MHz is DDR3-2133MHz, and the new Mac Pro likely runs that already if you happen to find suitable modules. Afterwards, you run out of JEDEC specifications for DDR3 and get to Haswell-EP Xeons at some point, which should look something like this:

It comes with Quad-Channel DDR4, and that allows only for one DIMM per channel. DDR4 also won't set you back $750 for a single 32GB module.
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