How much space do HD camera videos take? 16gb vs 32gb


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Apr 19, 2004
Thinking of upgrading to an iPhone 4 (from a 3G) for the HD video camera, but don't know which capacity to get. Can someone give an estimate for how much space a recorded video takes? Like 5 mins of HD = 2GB or something like that.

I've gotten by with just 8GB with room to spare but with an HD camera I don't want to get stuck with 16GB if my usage fills it up fast. Thanks.


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Oct 20, 2009
Just go for the 32gb. If you're like me you've always got the amount of space available in the back of your mind. For $100 you buy yourself some extra peace of mind and you can slack a bit when it comes to frequency of offloading.


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Jun 15, 2010
Definitely go with the 32 GB if you are going to be taking videos. I got the 16 GB and filled it up in a week. I still have to clear my videos out every couple weeks to make room for new ones. So unless you don't want to save your videos on your phone for a while get the model with more storage. Also taking pictures gets slow when you are running low on storage space.
(I thought I'd be fine with the 16 GB since I never filled my 8GB iPhone 2G the whole time I got it. I almost exchanged for a 32GB model, but I figured that would be tricky since stock is so low. I just figure I'll get next year's model and get the bigger one.)
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