How much space do you have on your mac?

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Dec 5, 2005
How much do you have and how much do you think is enough for you?

I have 1700 Gigs worth of space and i find i need it all.

I use a 200GB HD as my main HD for evryday use + OS. I use a 2nd internal 500GB HD where i have all my tv shows, music and ripped dvd's. I have a 1000 Gig external that i use as a backup which i use every 3 days to transfer everything there.

If i keep downloading tv shows/podcasts at the pace i am doing i will need another internal HD but not anytime soon. One of my friends use a 20GB HD and he is happy while the other uses 4000 Gigs worth of space. Gods only knows what he uses it for.


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Sep 27, 2006

yes, since I got an old mac, it only had a 6 gig HD and I was told that's hardly enough to contain OS10.3 that came loaded on the computer. I added a 120 gig external HD. I don't goof around with movies (yet) so I don't think I need as much space.:)

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