How my iPad has given my laptop some rest!

Discussion in 'iPad' started by el-John-o, Jan 1, 2011.

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    Hey all,

    I've noticed that some folks have actually been talking about getting an iPad OR a Laptop. When I first saw these threads I thought "Oh boy", but in truth I can, about 85% of the way, see why. I thought, for future reference of iPad hopefuls, and to see what else people are doing, I would talk about what my iPad has done for me.

    My Pre-iPad computer setup was a large desk (at least I think there's a desk there under the stacks of paper and office supplies, ha!), with a home-built desktop PC and 23" monitor, and a secondary 19" monitor off to the side, and a laptop that usually sat on my night stand. For the night stand purposes, it's been replaced. I still use the Desktop, about as much, and I still use my laptop. But, my laptop often times stays in it's bag when I'm at home. Right now, getting out my laptop means getting to work, and if I'm home, I am more likely to use the desktop (bigger screen, better keyboard).

    So, that said, I am impressed by how much entertainment AND productivity the iPad has been able to handle, so let me briefly explain what I'm using to achieve this.

    For starters, I am a Pastor, so most of my productivity-based computing is Web Browsing, E-Mail, Word Processing, Spreadsheets and PowerPoint (or Keynote, the once nice thing about what I do from a technology standpoint, is I can use whatever formats I please, because I am both the creator and the end user, isn't that nice?)

    This is incredible, I have it installed on both my PC and my Laptop, my better halfs laptop, my iPad, and my iPhone. This has made doing EVERYHTING better. For example, when I work on my Sermons it's usually involving my dual-monitor PC setup and my iPad. I use an App for the iPad that allows me to compare the same passages from scripture from multiple translations/transliterations of the Bible, I have MS Word open on the 19" monitor, and have the other monitor dedicated to research for my Sermons (I often like to include relevant current events, so I will look for news stories relevant to that weeks scripture, as well as research other Pastors/Theologians thoughts on that particular passage.)

    There does come a point though when the research is done, I know what I want to talk about, and it comes down to writing what I feel will best convey the message to the congregation. The iPad and Dropbox are great for that too, I don't have to do ANYTHING to pick it up on the iPad and keep working (or the laptop for that matter), save for hitting the "save" button.

    It's also great on the iPhone, for when a person wants to see a particular form, or if I need to pull up something like a previous months expenses, etcetera, it's right there. On the iPad too, but I find in those situations, the iPhone is usually in my pocket.

    It's not flawlessly compatible with MS Office, as I have found, but what I have done is catered my MS Office documents to the fonts and styles used in iWork, it's not particularly difficult for the types of documents I do, and it allows seamless integration between the two. I do wish I had a Mac though, and then I could just use iWork all of the time!

    I will admit though, iWork gets pretty slow. It's okay for word processing but presentations in Keynote, and anything involving columns is very choppy, so the laptop comes out of the bag in those situations, unfortunately.

    I love Hulu, in fact it has replaced my TV altogether. With the sole Exception of watching the Cardinals play Baseball, I do not watch TV outside of Hulu. Why should I adjust my schedule around the networks? I'll watch it when I want! I previously watched most of my Hulu on my laptop, but since it's flash, I have to crack a window or turn on the A/C because my laptop gets VERY hot after a 30 minute show. Additionally, the iPads speakers are actually louder and crisper than my laptops, Win Win!

    You didn't know it, but when the founding fathers invented the internets and the google, they intended for it to be on the iPad, the only problem was Steve Jobs wanted to make sure it was all hyped up and what not first so instead he made a GUI based clunky PC for you to use it on. But now, it's as-intended. Touching the internet is the way it's supposed to happen! Unless I have a lot of typing to do (I don't yet have the Wireless Keyboard, but I'm gonna pick one up this week), it is my preferred browsing experience. I don't miss flash. I've also noticed that more and more websites that previously asked for me to update flash player, spontaneously work. Seems like the iOS platform is a big enough platform to warrant the switch to HTML5, et al! FWIW, I use Atomic. Tabbed browsing is a big plus, though it does seem slower than Safari.

    This is, of course, a jailbreak App, but since there is no untethered JailBreak for 4.2, I have elected not to do so on my iPhone. I don't have a problem though, doing it on my iPad (if it somehow got shut off on the road I wouldn't be stranded without a phone). This has been a great tool since my AirCard no longer works, as it did previously with my Windows Mobile Phone SIM. It's a shame it costs so much, since I could do the same thing with a free WinMo App, and as I understand it, many Android handsets include the feature.

    Nook/Kindle, sorta iBooks
    I think it does a darn good job as an eReader, by shutting the lights off and turning the brightness all the way down I can read for hours without fatigue. I am disappointed with the selection in the iBooks library though, maybe it's my taste in literature but I have yet to buy one single book through iBooks, yet I have several from Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and since I prefer the iBooks interface, that's always the first place I check.

    As a Student, I used OneNote on my laptop. I haven't used Paperdesk yet as the next semester doesn't start until the 18th, but I'm hoping I won't need my laptop anymore, which also means not finding a seat next to an outlet (and subsequently, the kids with the 23" Laptops that they use to play World of Warcraft during the lectures, that, unsurprisingly, usually only last for one semester. But they always seems to keep coming, and inevitably they too, must have poor battery life, so they, too, need an outlet. So I get to hear clacking mice, whispers about whatever it is WoW players talk about, and the clashing of swords through their earbuds. Wonderful.)

    So how about all of you? How has your iPad made you more productive? Or, if it hasn't made you more productive, how might it have replaced or consolidated some other piece of hardware? As you've read, for me, it's replaced my laptop in alot of situations. It's not enough that I would go without a laptop, in fact I'm thinking of purchasing a Macbook sometime this year, but I was pleasantly surprised with how much I can get done with it. How about you?
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    I am actually selling my macbook pro and getting a mac mini because i have no need for a laptop now that i got the zaggmate. I have always wanted a laptop that you can take off the screen and use as a tablet, and now i have that. This will allow me to use the mini as a hub for all of my music, movies, and documents.
    I am a student and have been using evernote all semester to take notes. It has been extremely convenient to take the light ipad and not worry about battery all day, even reading my textbooks and surfing the web between classes. My laptop stayed in my house and i only took it out of my room when my iPad died or to write a paper on, because of the physical keyboard and i am more familiar with Office. Now, i feel completely comfortable using pages on both my mac and ipad that i do not think i will have any trouble writing off my iPad. With the added keyboard from the zaggmate, it takes away the only thing i was scared of using the ipad for before- having to write any long papers. I can honestly see myself typing out long documents on this now, instead of my macbook. And if i ever need access to documents on my mini to quickly work on, i have dropbox. I hardly use it, though, because most everything is on my iPad already.
    4 months ago, i wouldn't have dreamed of having the ipad without a portable computer to take for long writing and research in the library. But now, with dropbox and the new keyboard cases coming out that make the ipad better than netbooks, i feel like having the macbook is too much and waste of money i could be using for other things. Between pages and keynote, i feel like i can get more than enough productivity done, and taking notes is much easier to keep track of now because i usually have the ipad with me, so everything is instantly accessible. That is something i couldn't have said with the laptop. So basically, depending on how much you need it for, the ipad can be a perfect replacement for a laptop. Really, all i need a computer for is to stream movies to my apple tv and to keep my itunes library in check. Maybe occasionally i will need it for the really long research papers and a powerpoint I habe to collaborate with my class on, but that is really it. I just cant wait for iPad 2 for the speed bump, facetime camera, and memory increase, that is going to be the true laptop killer.
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    I bought my Ipad for Christmas with the express intent of teaching Sunday School with it and maybe hauling it to class. I've got Dropbox, Evernote, Pages, and the Youversion bible.
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    I always wondered if having a digital copy of the Bible would make me read it more.
  5. el-John-o thread starter macrumors 65816

    Nov 29, 2010
    I use the you version app as well. It's great, and it includes some reading plans, but I don't really like them. You shoudnt read the bible from the first page to the last, many stories in the bible are repeated by different authors so you get the most out of it when you read a story, and then reference it by the other authors, instead of getting to the next author in a month or two.

    I would recommend checking out "the message" translation on you version as well, its a very easy to read bible and might help you get more out of it!

    And yes, even as a Pastor I read my Bible more now that I can do it electronically.

    Continuing on the same theme, next week I'm taking my iPad to church instead of any sermon notes, going to read them right off of that. I think it will work much better. Save some clutter and trees if nothing else.

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    Nov 30, 2010
    I hardly use any computer now when I have an iPad. You story sounds pretty nice. But I have to ask how did the iPad do at work I.e the presentation?
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    Aug 8, 2002
    Per my blog/signature, welcome to the club! I've been using my iPad as my primary computer since they started shipping (64/3G) and it's been a wonderful, truly life changing experience.

    My list of remaining iPad shortcomings is extremely small, though huge if you get my drift. Basically, "all that's left" to solve once and for all is the file system. Goodreader, Dropbox, iDisk and the like do an okay job with an ever decreasing amount of workflow work arounds forced on us...but MAN will I be happy when Apple makes this right!

    Other stuff I want...speed bump, email search (within messages), email folder manipulation, and...well those are the big ones. The camera(s) will be a nice addition, as will the inevitable improvements to the Photos app (or a true iPhoto type app).

    Anyway, rambling now. Glad to hear you're having success with the iPad :)
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    Nov 29, 2010
    Actually presentations are not something I use my iPad for. I use powerpoint, but they go on a thumb drive and then from there to a computer attached to the projector, since it's a PC (find me a Mac for $149 like the desktop-that-thinks-its-a-netbook I bought to run the projector, and I'll use Keynote lol) Anyway, for now, it's PowerPoint, and Keynote on the iPad is a little slow.

    However, as far as reading my notes, I haven't tried it yet but I've heard great success stories, Sunday that's how I will be doing it, no paper, just an iPad on the pulpit.

    Beyond that it is an ESSENTIAL tool for me professionally, keeping my documents in sync, allowing me to edit on the fly, at our Bible Study is has become my Bible, I use the YouVersion app mentioned previously to reference scriptures in our study, why flip through a book when I can tap the book and chapter and read what I need to read? I keep my Bible handy, but that one has certainly made things easier for me. Even just researching things. I Pastor a small, rural church that has no internet connectivity at the church, the only thing available is Dial Up and that's pointless. Previously, if we were in a meeting at church and I needed to look something up, I used my phone. Well that's great after 20 minutes and I've found it I can read aloud, but now I've got my iPad to pull things up and show folks, and it's easy enough (here's the kicker) that older folks in my congregation who have never used or owned a computer pick it up and immediately start browsing the web, it's become an essential TOOL as well as an excellent media consumption device.

    I used to defend the iPad saying things like "Why are you comparing it to a Laptop" when people would bash it because it couldn't do what their dual CPU Mac Pro could do, but now, I've changed my mind, yes, indeed, you CAN compare it to a laptop, but the Laptop will lose every time!
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    Aug 7, 2010
  10. iPhoneCollector macrumors 6502a


    Nov 30, 2010
    The point of this thread is to disguess the product and how it functions. Not the believes of an individual. Just replace the word seremoniec with meetings and you'll be fine. And why would you spend time writing a comment if you stopped reading?

    But back to topic. I haven't turned on my laptop for several days due to my ipad. It has literally made my laptop useless
  11. seajay96 macrumors 6502

    Jun 26, 2010
    I pretty much use my iPad exclusively and, as has been mentioned, thinking of selling my MBP and iMac in favor of a Mini to operate as a media hub and backup/upgrade interface for my iPad.

    Right now, I'm a student in a masters equivalency program in Paris, France and, not only do I find it indispensible, I've convinced at least 3 others in my program to follow my're welcome Steve (and all my fellow shareholders).

    Besides the basics, I use Goodreader, iDisk, Dictionnaire (French dictionary), iTranslate, and WritePad (french handwriting recognition). I have ALL of the references loaded in Goodreader (about 18Gb). I've prepared and given several preparations in Keynote, both independently (at Omaha Beach) and with a projector. I will be writing my thesis on my iPad, but may need to migrate to the iMac to finish all of the formatting and footnotes.

    Just because I'm a geek, I've been playing with a Samsung Tab to evaluate the form factor and usability compared to my iPad. And, although I like the form factor for certain tasks and the apps that I use predominately are equivalent on iOS and Android, it is going back to the store. It just doesn't work for me.

    Oh, and for the pastor and Sunday school teacher...have you looked at Olive Tree? I use that software for my own bible studies.

    I don't have too many issues with the iPad, but would like to see some improvements in its independence. I would personally like to see open file access through the camera connection kit or add a USB port or SD slot. Primarily to make transferring files easier, but also to enable a full offline backup capability. I would also like to see memory improvements so you can hold a couple of webpages without having to reload them every time you shift focus to another app or tab.
  12. kevingaffney macrumors 6502a

    Aug 17, 2008
    Same here. Spent my entire Xmas break without using my mbp, iPad looked after all my needs. My daughters were left babysitting the mbp and there were no complaints. Back to work today and being a designer using illy and Photoshop most of the time, it's back to the main machine. For leisurevstuff though, the iPad is brilliant
  13. rburly macrumors 6502a


    Jan 15, 2009
    I, of course, have to use my work computer.

    But I've noticed that when I get home fromwork, instead of firing up the desktop, I take the iPad into the living room (or wherever) and I'm good to go the rest of my evening. I can do all the things I would nromally do.

    I also found whole days when I never turned the desktop on, and after remembering, which was usually in the evening, decided "Why?". It's a great little machine.
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    Columbus, Ohio
  15. harcosparky macrumors 68020

    Jan 14, 2008

    What are you two afraid of ?

    It's not like there is any religious discussions going on.
  16. el-John-o, Jan 3, 2011
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    Eh... it's stayed on topic most of the time, no sense turning it INTO a discussion.

    Someone mentioned Olive Tree, I'll have to check that out!

    Does anyone know of an app (Most likely Jailbreak but that's okay) that lets me mount networked hard disks? That, or a cheaper FTP solution (10 bucks+ for something like that is kind of ridiculous), I have a very old laptop (233MHz Pentium!) that has an eSata PCMCIA card in it I use to host my 1TB hard disk on my home network, and over FTPS (Windows 2000 is good for something!), I would like it if I could access it on my iPad.

  17. Mirai 11 macrumors 6502

    Mirai 11

    Aug 3, 2005
    Have to say, a great thread that gives you great insight into how it can be used.
    I ideally want to have an iPad, and a Mac Mini by the time i'm at Uni. I can't justify the money for a macbook and i'm not gonna use it to its full potential.
    iPad for taking notes etc, and when i come home, i can continue or do presentations on the mini, while the iPhone is used for the apps that were designed for it :)
  18. harcosparky macrumors 68020

    Jan 14, 2008
    I've had my 64GB 3G iPad for about three weeks now.

    Sold my 13" Macbook Pro last week as I won't be needing it anymore.

    I can buy, sell, and trade using the iPad just as good as I could with my MBP.

    The iPad is even more valuable as I can now take Credit Card payments from customers on the spot whereas before I had to muddle around with Paypal.

    Now I slide the card over the dongle attached to the iPad and the money goes right into my bank account. No Merchants Account needed.
  19. el-John-o thread starter macrumors 65816

    Nov 29, 2010
    Yeah, I don't think you'd be disappointed with a setup like that. As much as I love macs, it might not be a bad idea to go the PC route for those purposes though, lenovo has a comparable PC for under $200, running Windows 7, and it's even smaller than a Mac mini. Then again, if I were me and I could afford it, I'd go with the Mac.

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