How not to buy an iphone 4 case: a primer

Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by unagimiyagi, Oct 26, 2010.

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    Hi guys,

    Here is what you do not do.

    You buy your iphone 4 and think that it's so pretty and you don't want to get any scratches on it. But of course you ordered a case from the case program and it takes 3 weeks to arrive.

    So you use your iphone 4 incredibly carefully. Babying it better than your, well, baby.

    Much to your dismay, you have scratches on the back appear, albeit light ones. So you put an invisible shield b/c those can be bought in the store. You put it on except you can't get it on straight b/c you're a perfectionist. You do the shower steam thing and try so hard to keep out dust, but one speck gets on it. But you live with it. This is after you put too much water on one of the backs and so damage the screen with water damage, thus necessitating a new iphone 4 replacement.

    Then your sgp neo hybrid matte comes in, and it fits fine. Looks good. But then asinine design that it is, it does not fit with any headphones but the straightest ones. You try 3 right-angled plugs that you have, and they do not fit. It must be fully straight.

    Then you can't believe your good fortune. You decide to go caseless b/c you're being protected by your invisible shield. Well, your incase snap comes in and the tolerance is so small that you actually have to peel off your invisible shield's back and sides in order for the case to fit properly (front screen is ok).

    And you love the incase snap smoke! It's everything that you want. It even feels great to the touch. It's also thinner than the sgp and the pixelskin hd by speck.

    Short answer: incase snap smoke is the best case that I've seen, and you can't use any shields with it other than the front screen protector. And don't use much water or else these shields will damage your iphone. Unless you have a straight-angle headphone adapter, do not even think about buying the SGP case.
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    what in god's name are you talking about, lol.
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    I want my minute back
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    you used so much liquid you damaged your iPhone? just return the phone, you lack the necessary common sense to use one.

    Caseless Ftw.
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    Talking in the third person is a sign of schizophrenia, so who knows what this guy is talking about.
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