How prevalent are the graphics problems with the rMBP?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by iFanboy, Jul 14, 2012.

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    *Example thread over at with screenshots and youtube videos*

    I have a maxed out rMBP (specs in sig), and I have not experienced this.

    Initially this machine was perfect, but then I started to experience notable lag on some sites with Chrome Canary (don't use safari).

    Now I notice that when I close down a tab sometimes I get a second of ghosting/pixelation before it clears up.

    My last day to return this for a full refund is Monday. Getting scared.....
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    Well there are kind of two issues in that post. One is the screen corruption. That is definitely a graphics driver and/or hardware problem.

    As for the slowness that has been kind of beaten to death around here. The latest mountain lion aparantly fixes this. I personally have not seen any problems with lag when I am running the non HiDPI 2880x1800 mode (which is to small for most people).

    I believe a lot of the lag has to do with the software scaling its doing of things. I believe a lot of it is not being done in hardware which is why it is causing the lag. Atleast on mountain lion.
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    "Yet another"? Don't be stupid.

    I have made just ONE previous thread and only a small part of that had anything to do with "graphics issues". Notably, the lag I noticed over time and whether the GPU had longevity.

    This thread is about serious graphics glitches being reported over at and just how widespread these problems are.

    Go troll elsewhere.
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    You are clearly not comfortable with the machine nor you investment financially I suggest that you return the Retina and wait for the technology to develop as presently it`s not meeting your expectations.

    There is little point in asking the community as a whole, people with either be satisfied or disgruntled as there are far too many parameters, you are the one with the concern, you are the one not happy. The fact that I am fine with my own base 2.3 is irrelevant as my usage and expectation is likely different if not diametric.

    Safari leverages Core Animation in Mountain Lion and more GPU accelerated as a result, so graphical glitches that are performance related will improve, also bear in mind that this is the first comercial release of Mountain Lion, so naturally more and more progress will be made in time. This is the path of "early adoption" and it`s not for all and Apple recognise this by offering the MPB alongside the rMBP. Very few of us need a Retina and even fewer as a sole machine I myself will retain my Late 2011 15" 2.4 i7 for this very reason.

    For those with concern, those with doubt, those expecting everything to be better by several magnitudes and have no downsides on a product this close to the "bleeding edge" only need to look in the mirror for the answer; it`s not for you...
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    You basically turned off retina display and resorted to a ridiculous resolution on a tiny screen. Of course you're going to avoid lag issues with scaling.
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    Dude, did you even read my post?

    The question relates to the problems mentioned over at as in many people complaining of display ghosting and other forms of apparent graphics corruption. There are pics and youtube videos in the link.

    My specific attempt at a discussion related to how prevalent these corruption issues are? As in, do they pop up for anyone here from time to time?
  8. Queen6, Jul 14, 2012
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    By default those with issue will complain, versus the silent masses that dont. You simply come across as being concerned, worried or in your words "getting scared" your using Canary which is an Alpha build app on a very cutting edge system, graphically at least, so there should be no surprises that all is not perfect.

    If you want to know how prevalent specific issues are raise a poll, or search I believe there already is one regarding ghosting. Without metrics your question will never be answered. The reason you are receiving negative responses is that is the forum is simply saturated with the same questions regarding the rMBP.

    Apple could well have released a machine with a stronger CPU/GPU, more developed software, all in all a better more capable rMBP and we could also have all waited for 2014, a little adversity will push the dev`s and in the end we will all benefit. Realistically such questions are going to be received far better once Mountain Lion is released, Lion for the rMBP is an interim OS at best. Enjoy your Mac for what it is, if any issue develops Apple will deal with it...
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    I am running ML GM and just tried Chrome Canary. I should add that I really want to use Chrome as I prefer it over safari, so please don't think I am being biased. But I enabled the fps meter in the flags and tried many different acceleration options and still got fps drops scrolling some sites as low as 20fps. Very slight hesitation but it is there. I was however scrolling faster than I normally would. Now in Safari, I must say the scrolling is many times better. Just be patient and let Google work out the bugs :)

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