How Quick Should Software be Compatible with OS 10.9 Beta Release?

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by VicD, Jun 15, 2013.

  1. VicD macrumors newbie

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    Like every other developer and since the Beta release of OS 10.9 Mavericks and iOS 7 (and before along with previous iterations) we receive quite regularly requests asking us if/why we do/don't support the Betas - even if DiskAid was released with iOS compatibility check the same day, actually :)

    Needless to point out that Betas are by definition designed for developers to have time to adapt their software to the new specifications and these very specifications might change as it gets closer to the release... we are always amazed to see how enthusiast are our users to all this new stuff!

    Now the question is: how quick should developers reasonably be to release a software adapted to Beta specs!? What are you expecting? Would you tolerate a higher instability in return?
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    The updates shouldn't come before the official release. After that it's up to the developer. Some are quick others take months; it all depends on what the application does and how much change is required for the new version of the OS.

    There is no requirement to officially support the beta version; only developers are supposed to have it in the first place. if you release something that supports features from the beta, people will get mad if your new version gets put on 10.8 and doesn't work properly.
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    It depends on what needs to be fixed in the software. Some software will work as is. Some software just needs minor fixes. And some need a lot of work.

    I'd say that a developer is under no obligation to get anything released before the new version of OS X is released. If one developer has need of another developers software, they should be working together.

    From the consumer end of things, I'd prefer to know that the software I need has a released compatible version at least a few days before a new version of OS X is released so I can prepare for the OS upgrade.

    One note about releasing software before it's ready for beta versions of OS X - people will complainon the net that that compatible version of the software is broken and it makes it hard to determine what issues the released version of the software has.
  4. VicD thread starter macrumors newbie

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    Australia, mate.
    Totally agree, this is making it harder for the developer. In the other hand, it shows how enthusiastic are users about the soft, and everything new at Apple - which is quite nice.


    There are specific tools for which some have have a legitimate need to support Betas - and I put Diskaid in that category because lots of developer actually use it for development and testing purpose.

    I'm not sure they realise we have no obligation to "officially" support Betas, but it feels good to read that you guys agree on that though - thanks for your support! :)

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