How robust is the iphone 4's outter antenna?

Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by RobHague, Oct 31, 2011.

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    I bought a shiny new iPhone 4S and naturally I want to keep it that way (shiny) if possible. I had a case-mate case on it at first which caused a problem with the camera and flash so I replaced it with a 'Speck Candyshell' case. It's a very protective case but it comes at a price, it adds a lot of bulk and it makes the power/volume keys very stiff to press.

    The worst thing about cases is they usually come in packaging you have to rip open to get into. So no hopes of returning it! (so changing cases is quickly mounting up and costing me almost as much as the freaking phone lol - especially factoring in screen protectors!).

    I have been considering going naked with it (the phone - not me;)) and putting it in a pouch - I do have a front and back screen protector on my device. So the sides would be the only exposed parts really. However that raised a few questions.

    1) How robust are the iphone's sides? Will the alloy discolour from constant contact with fingers? It's not going to be in any extreme situations, I mostly use it indoors/train etc. I dont work on a building site XD so yeah... thoughts? How has other peoples fared on their iPhone4?

    2) Do you think a bumper case will be a better idea than fully naked? How much bulk do those add? Will I still be able to get it in a pouch/phone sock? Also is it true that they scratch up the sides?? I will get more for a pristine 4S in 12 months time than I will for one that looks like I have taken a razor blade to the sides.
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    It's made of stainless steel so should not discolour.

    The free bumper I got from Apple has wrecked the sides of my iPhone 4. Not recommended.
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    as long as you have the packaging that the case came in and your receipt you can still return it regardless if it looks like a pitbull tore it apart.

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