how secure is the hardware built into the mbp?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by dsprimal, Jun 6, 2010.

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    Mar 27, 2010
    random thought, but i've read about the 5400/7200rpm hard drives having safety locks that will snap into place to prevent the hard drive from damaging itself or something like that? well just moments ago i lifted my mbp while it was running off my lap and placed it onto the table in front of me. and within that quick motion of lifting and placing (i placed it softly) but while it was in the air, i heard a quick screech.

    just thought of that was the 7200rpm scratching against the inner wall or w/e. but common now, laptops are meant to be portable right? how easy would it be to cause any damage to your hardware while moving it around? or is the only way to cause real damage to your hdd or any other hardware is by droppin it or hitting it?

    thanks for reading!
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    To protect the HDDs, Apple uses something called the Sudden Motion Sensor to prevent damage to the platters by the read/write head.

    You can also cause damage by liquids or dirt or smoke in excess.
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    Unfortunately, your hard drive will fail whether you move your MacBook Pro frequently, or leave it on a desk 24/7. Hard drives are mechanical and they all wear out. Yours may last 15 years, or it may last another week.

    That being said, the Apple Sudden Motion Sensor is fantastic in that it reduces motion-related hard drive failures.

    It's normal to hear a nice firm clicking noise when the computer detects sudden motion. This is the sound of the read/write heads parking as quickly as they possibly can.

    Please back up your computer! It's a whole lot nicer than paying $$$ for data recovery. :)
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    Mar 27, 2010
    thanks guys! so if the hard drive fails without me doing any damage to it, apple care will cover it right? i was planning on holding out on purchasing my external 1tb hd until the 500gb gets 75% full, then transfer everything to it. but yeaaaaaaaa, guess i'll be changing my plans and buying it sooner to be safe, being that i haven't used 100gb yet.
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    Oct 25, 2007
    Yes. AppleCare will cover it.

    Please, please back up. We do professional cleanroom data recovery at fantastic prices, but it's still cheaper to back up.

    We've had a week of data recovery customers who had already been warned against the perils of hard drives. Don't be one of them!! There are also great online backup services if you don't get an external drive.

    Best wishes.
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    SMS should do the work, if not it will be covered by applecare..

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