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Jan 14, 2014
I know the the iphone has 5s has a sapphire crystal lens cover, but when I was at the phone store getting my screen protector put on the lady putting it on was kinda of rough with the phone which I was not very happy with, but she had to take of the case I had on it to put on the screen protector and she was sliding the phone around on the table a little bit and I was wondering how likely it was for the camera to get a scratch on it? I have checked the pics I have taking and everything to seems to fine, and also the outside of the phone seems to have no marks on it from being slid on the table also. Thanks for all of the replies!

August West

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Aug 23, 2009
Land of Enchantment
It is not likely you will run across much in day to day life that will scratch it. Diamond, sapphire & ruby (corundum), aluminum oxide & CBN (grinding wheels) are a few common minerals that are equal to or harder than sapphire. Sand, either the quartz or silica, is significantly softer and won't scratch sapphire.
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