How the iCloud will help Apple blunt Windows 8

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    I'd like to see an iCloud category in the right hand column of the log-in page for MacRumors. I think the iCloud syncing is Apple's best move yet to blunt Microsoft's plan to grab all the enterprise tablet business next year when they introduce Windows 8 for PCs and tablets.

    For more info, see:

    Since iCloud will sync PCs as well as Macs with the iPhone and iPad, there is little advantage for enterprise customers to standardize on on a Windows 8 phone or tablet at the expense of Apple products.

    With the adoption of iCloud enterprise customers can continue using Apple products and ignore Microsoft's Windows 8 compatibility claims.

    At the same time, Apple, with their plan of bringing the iOS experience into Lion OS, is edging more and more into nibbling at the enterprise market with Macs. Not with the desktop iMacs so much as the with the MBA and MBP computers. Already Apple is enjoying a nice share of the portable computer market in all markets.

    There is a trend here that was previously successfully used by IBM in the 1960s. IBM made it a priority to have the Selectric typewriter in all school typing classes. When the students moved on into businesses, the Selectric became the first choice for use.

    In a similar way, Students of today are favoring the use of OSX and will soon likely be a force voicing their choice within the enterprise market in the years soon to come.
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    Jul 28, 2011
    iCloud will be a good service, but to think it will "blunt Windows 8" I don't see that happening. Not even close.

    Windows 8 worst enemy is Microsoft themselves. Not iCloud or Apple for that matter.

    Do you realize just how large of an installed base of Windows Computers are in the Enterprise?
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    Agreed, I don't see this service "blunting" windows 8.

    In fact apple's track record for "cloud" type services has been abysmal. Apple is great at many single user type devices (macs, iPods,iPads,iPhones,etc) but they have consistently fallen short on products/services that are social like in nature such as Mobileme, facetime Ping are great examples at apple's inability to provide a service that's greater in scope then a single user product/service.

    I've not used the iCloud beta so the jury is still out on whether this is a winner, but i recall how much build up was made for both MobileMe and Ping and yet neither one really was all that great

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