How to access media-DVD on remote player

Discussion in 'iMac' started by sergiobaschi, Jan 25, 2013.

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    I realized something today, thought I may just as well share it with the rest of you.

    The fact that Apple removed the ODD from the new iMac really didn't bother me. I've never needed a DVD to my MBA, for almost 18 months. But - I do have a collection of DVD:s, mostly series like West Wing etc.

    It's easy to use a remote DVD, as long as it's in the same network. But that function doesn't work for media-DVD:s, such as my beloved West Wings.

    First I thought - "Well well. If I want to look at them - I have to sit in the sofa in the living room, watching tv." (The iMac is in the bedroom, where I have a desk.)

    But - then I thought of VLC. That wonderful little program do have the capability of both streaming content, and receive a stream. And 30 minutes later, the iMac played a West Wing-DVD :)

    I followed this guide, with the exception of some crucial points:

    The first image: chose Disc. Then you have to learn which chapter you want to start stream. I learned that the West Wing menu system isn't operable on the iMac.

    Image 2 won't look exactly the same, but just click next and follow the guide.

    When entering your IP, make sure that you enter your local IP.

    The last image: you don't have to put something in Group Name. But make sure to check both Stream all elementary streams, and SAP announce, and that you also provides the SAP announs a value. That value will later be shown in the VLC client (for me - the iMac).

    That's it - on the streamer side.

    The receiving side, just open VLC, select "Network streams" under "Local network". If you've set it up properly, the name you entered in the SAP announce appears in the playlist.

    Very nice, I must say!

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