How-to Activate iOS 5 Beta 1 and have GSM and Sync service without developer account

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    Jun 15, 2011
    i recently discovered a way to activate iOS 5 beta on any idevice. it does require jailbreak and also ssh installed into the package. i used snowbreeze jailbreak and in custom options you can enable Openssh when you build the custom firmware. this will activate your phone via apple serverand whic means you get full feature of the device just like anyother develoeprs. someone found the voice over bypass. but i think that is just a pointless method and it doesn;t activate anything. this method will activate what that method doesn't.
    Follow instructions here or watch the cideo below:
    Stuff that you need
    -offical ios 5 beta 1 firmware
    -itunes 10.5(optional)
    -an iDevice

    1. open up snowbreeze
    2. when it ask you to seleect modes. select- expert mode
    3. click general and continue.
    5.just skip all the other process and build your ipsw.
    6. shift+restore your custom firmware which should be on your desktop.
    7.after it restored boot it with ibooty. on yoru desktop which will be auto created by sn0wbreeze.
    8. when you at the set up screen, follow the instructions until you get to link yoru device to wifi.
    9. after linking your device to wifi, you will need WINSCP for windows or whatever you use for mac and connect it to your idevice local ip.
    10. then browse /system/library/coreservices/
    11. there you will be able to find systemversion.plist that file remove [string] release type and beta

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    Jul 13, 2011
    HACTIVATE IOS 5 for iPhone 4 (GSM) ON OS X!!!

    I've finally figured out how to run IOS 5 beta 2 with GSM and also be able to sync with itunes. I'll run everyone through the steps. NOTE: this does require you to jailbreak your iPhone4.

    Step 1: First your going to need itunes 10.5 beta 2. It can be download here if that link doesn't work just try to google for itunes 10.5 beta 2. it will be pretty easing to find, just make sure the download is for Mac!

    Step 2: Download IOS 5. It can be found here BE CAREFUL HERE!!!! MAKE SURE YOU CLICK THE "2" WHEN YOU DOWNLOAD. I'm referring to this "iPhone 4 (GSM): 1, 2"
    click the 2! ^
    once its done downloading drag it to your desktop

    Step 3: When iTunes 10.5 beta 2 and IOS 5 beta 2 are download open iTunes 10.5 beta 2. Now plug in your iphone. on the iphone summary hold down the option key while pressing the "restore" button. This lets you pick what IPSW you want to restore from. Find the IOS 5 beta 2 on your desktop and click open. A message will come up asking if you want to restore to IOS 5. Just hit "Restore". This process will take 5 to 10 minutes.

    Step 4: Time to Jailbreak! To jailbreak we will be using redsn0w 0.9.8b2 you can download it here be sure to click the Mac version! Note: The title on this page says this version of redsn0w is for IOS 5 beta 3. ignore this because there is yet a way to hacktivate IOS 5 beta 3.
    Once redsn0w is installed launch it and browse for IOS 5 beta 2 which you saved to your desktop. Now redsn0w will guide you through the jailbreak process. When you get to the page where it ask you what you want to do, click "Install Cydia".
    Once the jailbreak is complete DO NOT continue with the iPhone installation process instead you are going to reopen redsn0w and tether your iphone. to do this you are going to browse for IOS 5 beta 2. When you get asked to do instead of clicking install cydia you are going to click "just boot tethered right now". Once this process is complete just let your iphone be but be sure its still connected to your Mac.

    Step 5. Now we are going to edit the actual IOS. Yes you will be going deep inside the OS and editing a file. Get ready and be sure to read this step carefully because it can be confusing. Ok, first you are going to need to download a program called "iPhone Explorer". It can be found here remember to click the Mac version.
    Now you need to download another program called "PlistEdit Pro". It can be found here once its downloaded drag it to your dock.
    Once both of these programs are installed you are going to open iPhone Explorer WITH your iPhone still connected to your Mac.
    Alright, here come the tricky part. inside iphone explorer you are going to see your iphone. double click on it and you will see a folder called "root". Double click on "root". Once you are inside root you are going to double click on "System". Once inside "System" double click on "Library". Once inside Library double click on "CoreServices". Inside you are going to see a file called "SystemVersion.plist". Now DRAG that file to you desktop.
    This is where PlistEdit Pro comes in. Drag the SystemVersion.plist file you have on your desktop onto plistedit pro, which should be in your dock. PlistEdit Pro will open and you will see a bunch of computer code. Now you are going to need to delete a certain part of this file. The part you need to delete is <key>ReleaseType</key> <string>beta</string>
    Once this is deleted you are going to go to "file", then click "save". You can now close PlistEdit Pro.
    Now you are going to drag the "SystemVersion.plist", which is on your desktop, back on top of where it was inside of iphone Explorer. It will asked you if you want to overwrite this file. click yes. You can now exit iPhone Explorer.

    Step 6: Now all you need to do is open redsn0w again and click "just boot tethered right now" one this process is complete your iphone will restart. Now you can go through the IOS 5 install process without having the phone register. Everything works normally and you are free to use IOS 5!!!!!!!! NOTE: PLEASE DO NOT RESTORE THIS IPHONE FROM A PREVIOUS BACKUP. START IT AS A NEW DEVICE. IF YOU RUN FROM A PREVIOUS BACK UP YOU WILL JUST ENCOUNTER MANY PROBLEMS.

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