How to Add a bigger hard drive?

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by Jibberish18, Jul 28, 2008.

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    Beyond just physically switching hard drives, how can I switch to a bigger hard drive and keep my current partitions? Meaning, how can I switch hard drives and directly port over all my info to the new hard drive rather than having to install Leapord and Vista once again? I have a Norton Partition Magic on one of my desktops and I know that'll just copy everything on to the new bigger hard drive BUT what will happen with Bootcamp and the partitions? Will OSX become confused because now the hard drive is bigger OR will it just keep the same partitions/sizes as the first hard drive and leave the rest of the space on the new hard drive as un used? A bit confusing.

    I'm doing this because Vista has 9 GB left to use. Fat Bastard. Thanks all!
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    To clone OS X onto a new drive you can either use CCC or SuperDuper and to clone your windows partition WinClone, when you buy a new HDD just make sure you have an enclosure handy, put the new drive in the enclosure clone over OS X & windows to the new drive boot from it to make sure it's Ok and then swap them over, you now have a new external HDD that can be wiped/ & if necessary reformatted and used for whatever

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