how to add USB2.0 to Mac G4 OS 10.2.4

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by bostonterrier, Aug 18, 2007.

  1. bostonterrier macrumors newbie

    Aug 14, 2007
    Hi all,

    I want to add a USB 2.0 card to my G4 desktop (1ghz, OS 10.2.4)
    I found one manufacturer (Iogeer) that says my system needs 10.0.3 so I am up to that OS with that, Belkin say I need 10.2.7 for theirs. Does anyone have any experience upgrading their mac g4 with this os? I now only have USB 1.1.
    I want USB 2.0 so i can use Usb harddrives that are always cheaper than ones with firewire,
    Of course, I could upgrade my OS to meet required specs.

    Mark/boston terrier
  2. mr.666 macrumors member

    Aug 13, 2007

    basicly the same question, what cards are compatable and is there a speed difference compared to built in?
  3. CanadaRAM macrumors G5


    Oct 11, 2004
    On the Left Coast - Victoria BC Canada
    When it comes to drives, stick to Firewire.

    Get a MacAlly PHR-100AC or AF case, and put in the raw 3.5" IDE drive of your choice.
  4. mr.666 macrumors member

    Aug 13, 2007
    nawh not into USB drives... i need the conn speed for 5g ipods and Iphone and the such. sync'n with 1.0 is A$$.

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