How to assign a static IP from Airport Utility (and find device IPs - for IP Camera)

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by nightfly13, Feb 23, 2010.

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    I love being in an all Apple environment, and typically works great and is intuitive. I do not miss Netgear or Linksys web setup pages and menus, but sometimes, like right now, I feel like either I'm missing something, or I need more control.

    I'm using a (single radio) gigE Airport Extreme and I want to find the IP of a IP camera I'm trying to use (Trendnet TV-IP110). I realized that I can't see a list of the devices and their IPs (or even MAC Addresses) and also that I don't know how to assign static IPs (we presently have 4 laptops that are opened and closed all the time and they swap IPs pretty freely).

    I've read here on MR some that static IPs are set for Macs in system preferences -> network but how do I do that for less intelligent devices? I guess I can set the IPs for all the household Macs one by one and then go through guessing to try to ping the camera.

    Most of the time the camera's internet light blinks, but it went solid once, then blinked again some time later. I'm guessing it got it's own IP and went solid, then someone started using their laptop again and it lost it, but I'm not certain.

    Help is, as always, very appreciated :p Thanks in advance, Macrumors Collective.
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    Airport Utility --> Advanced ---> Logs and Statistics --> Wireless Clients Tab

    That will give you a list of all MAC addresses connected.

    Then click on the "DHCP Clients" tab to match any MAC address with an IP address.

    Then to set your camera with a "static IP" at the airport....

    Airport Utility --> Internet ---> DHCP

    Click on the + and enter the camera's MAC address and your chosen IP address (a free one not used buy any of your laptops). From then on, that IP address will always be given to the camera (identified via it's MAC).
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    Dude thanks so much you solved all my problems! You totally rock! If I weren't cheap and poor I'd pay you for your concise network management wizardry. I don't like Apple hiding what I consider basic info under 'logs and statistics' but yeah, in retrospect it makes sense.

    Thanks a bunch!
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    based on the number of "linksys" and "netgear" wireless networks in my neighborhood, that sort of information and network management isn't performed by I'd say 90% of people who buy wireless routers, as such, why even have it readily available on something that's supposed to be easy to setup & use right out of the box?

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