How to authenticate against an SL Server?

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    I just got a new mac mini with OSX server. I was initially going to just wipe the server software and install SL. However, playing with the server, I like it! I do have one question. How does my mac client (macbook, imac, etc) authenticate against a mac server? What do I do in the client to tell it that the mac server is the authenticating server? I come from a windows world, where you create a domain and then the client joins it. I am aware this is not how the mac does it, but I am not aware how.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    BTW I believe I have my open directory setup correctly.
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    It is similar. Go to Accounts and then click the Join button in the bottom right. I believe you can then use any of the accounts defined in the SL Server to authenticate.

    I worked on this for awhile in order to setup a Software Update Service, but it was a pain and didn't work the way I wanted it to. For example, it kept downloading really old updates and my client would never see anything new.
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    Yup! Under login options!! this is great!! Thanks much!!
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