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    Sep 10, 2015
    i have always had problems with my macbook and IP addresses. most of the time it works fine, but there are occasions i go somewhere and it will tell me it can't connect to the internet bc i have a self-assigned IP address or no IP address at all. right now i am in a hotel and cannot connect to hotel internet. i have a portable router from verizon i am using. the way i fixed it on my personal router was by creating a new location in network preferences, then renewing the DHCP so it will give me a new address. this method does not work however for the hotel router. it will not assign me a new IP address.

    the setting is "using DHCP", but no matter how many times i try to restart or create new locations it will not fix my IP address problem. even though i keep it on "using DHCP", i occasionally have this problem, which i don't understand bc i thought "using DHCP" will automatically assign me an IP address no matter what, but apparently not? is their a way i can fix this permanently so i don't have these problems in the future? how can i always have an IP address that works no matter what router I'm using?
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    Sep 10, 2015
    another note, i found an IP address that works with the hotel router. it says i have an IP address and that i am connected to the internet and shows a green dot that its supposed to work, but there is an ! on the wifi signal up top saying that there really is no internet. what does that mean and how do i fix it? ugh why? why can't apple make these things simpler?

    why do locations matter anyway? what do they do? am i supposed to click one for different routers?
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    IP addresses are assigned on networks by a service called DHCP. It typically runs either on a router or a server. Your Mac connects to the network and requests an IP address lease from DHCP.

    Not receiving an IP address suggests either a problem with your MacBook requesting one (unlikely), a problem with the DHCP server on the network (somewhat likely), or a poor wireless connection (highly likely).

    Also, it sounds like you might have a lot going on in your Network config. I would try clearing out all extraneous locations and bring it back to default. A typical user should not need multiple locations unless you're connecting to networks that don't use DHCP.

    You can also try opening System Preferences -> Network -> Wi-Fi -> Advanced -> TCP/IP -> Renew DHCP Lease. This will make your MacBook request a new IP from the server.

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