How to back up bootcamp on MacBook Pro

Discussion in 'Windows, Linux & Others on the Mac' started by aj287772, Jul 17, 2015.

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    I need to backup bootcamp because I'am going to delete it in order to add more gigs. The problem is I don't know how to. People say use time machine but I don't understand it. When I go on it it says select back up disk and the only option is bootcamp. Does that mean I'am selecting bootcamp to be backed up?
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    Best way is to use winclone... it might not be free anymore - clone it to an external drive or to your OS X partition then backup OS X with time machine, the winclone image will be included.
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    I use this. It's free.
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    I've used Winclone and recommend them, its a great product and I've done just what you mentioned.
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    Another fan/user of Winclone. They are very responsive and have a good product. Here is a link to their website:

    To answer you question about Time Machine, "Select back up disk" means just that. You are telling Time Machine where to store your back up data of you Mac system (the default name is Macintosh HD unless you have renamed it). Time Machine sees the Bootcamp partition as a possible place to store the back up data since it has to be a different volume than Macintosh HD. That does seem a little strange that Time Machine is offering a selection of the Bootcamp volume since the Bootcamp partition should be NTFS when Windows has been installed, NTFS is read only for a Mac so Time Machine could not write data to it.

    Time Machine does NOT back up your Bootcamp/Windows system. It only backs up the Mac system which is why you need something like Winclone.
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    Jun 30, 2015
    Hi aj287772,

    You can take the backup of BootCamp in your MacBook Pro using the help of WinClone. Below is the process:-

    1. First, open the WinClone and it will automatically detect the source Boot Camp partition on your system.

    2. Click on the Image button and then again Image button as when it ask for confirmation.

    3. Now, you will be prompted to ‘Remove Memory Cache Files’. These represent the paging files present on your system.

    4. After choosing delete the memory caches, it will prompt you authenticate as an Administrator.

    5. At last, you will need to select a location to save your Backup files. This can be anyone, a local or external drive.

    Imp. Note: WinClone will only backup the NTFS based file format. FAT/ExFAT is not supported here.

    After that, you can easily restore the WinClone backup to the BootCamp Partition.

    I hope it will help you in solving your problem.

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