How to backup all data from only iPhone to iTunes

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    I'm getting a new iphone 5 soon but I want EVERYTHING on my iphone 4s right now to go to that new iphone 5. I know that you would need to backup the data but when i do it there's all these stupid apps that get synced. I DO NOT want those apps. I'm talking about all of those apps that you have purchased from itunes. A lot of those are just free junk apps or games i don't want anymore but when i backup they all get synced to my iphone. Its extremely annoying.

    How do I sync ONLY apps, data, contacts, etc. from my iphone to the computer so i can back all that up to my new iphone 5? I don't want those junk apps that keep appearing when i backup.
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    Uncheck automatically sync new apps in iTunes app section when the device is connected.
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    When you connect your iPhone, you can see in iTunes, on the left panel, a new label (DEVICES) with your device's name there.

    Click on the device, then select "Apps" on top.

    Then you can select to SYNC or NOT to Sync your apps.

    If you check "SYNC APPS" you can also select which Apps you want to sync.

    Plain simple :)


    Luis (Luisadas Twin)

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