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    Is there some software out there that I can point to my MM IMAP address and have it make a complete backup of everything in all folders and then be able to restore it later if something were to happen?
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    Nov 10, 2010
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    all of your account's mail is located in home/library/mail folder, so you could just copy that to an external every time you want to backup (or use silverkeeper or some other automated backup program)
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    In apple mail (if that is what you're using) you can also archive your email... Launch mail and go to mailbox in your menu bar, then archive mail
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    I created a gmail account just for archive... and I forward a copy of every email to that account (and not delete the original). I then ruthlessly delete almost all email that I receive as soon as I read it. I typically have 2 or 3 emails active in my account at any time. I love having an uncluttered mailbox.

    If I later decide I need to see an email that I deleted, I just log into my gmail archive account, and use googles excellent search capability.


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