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Jan 31, 2008
Sydney, Australia
Hello everyone!

I am trying to find an app, script, anything to block my mac for specific hours during the day.

I'll try to make myself clear: I am addicted to using my mac in the evening, watching movies, youtube, playing games, writing, working etc etc. Very often I don't realise of the times that passes by to suddenly notice that it's 1AM (even later than that!) :eek: That's not good for my sleeping pattern!

I tried to use parental control, but it can be used only on managed accounts not on admin account...

I used the Energy Saver option to make my mac sleep at a specific time, but unfortunately, when the pop-up window appears to warn me that the mac is about to go to sleep, and I am in the middle of something I click 'cancel'!!!

I tried also self-control, but it doesn't work :(

So what I am asking is: is there an app out there that 'forces' my mac to save everything I was doing, go to sleep/turn off from, say, 10.00PM until 6.00AM and during that time, if I try to turn on, it will be blocked no matter what.

Please tell me that it exists!!!! O_O

Many Thanks


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May 16, 2008
There's nothing you can set up that you can't circumvent, since it's your Mac. Technology is a poor substitute for self-control and discipline. You can set up an alarm to remind you of the time, but it's ultimately up to you to manage yourself.

Orange Furball

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May 18, 2012
Scranton, PA, USA
Give me the computer. Problem solved.

Why not set the parental controls up on another account and make a friend set a password for the admin account. Don't let them tell you. Problem solved.


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May 10, 2010
You could write a little shell script which check every five minutes the time and force a shutdown.

But it goes back to what GGJstudios said: it's your Apple; you can always go around if the addiction is soo high. Might help to look for professional help.

If part of your addiction is surfing in Internet you might can use the AirPort Extreme; it also have some time restricted access. Don't prevent you to play locally but no external access.
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