How to BLOCK wifi networks?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by MountnLionGirl, Feb 17, 2012.

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    Feb 17, 2012
    Need help from anyone with a Mac who knows about connecting - or rather NOT connecting - to wifi networks. When we are on the internet, sometimes our connection will slow down, and usually if I check, it is because we are in a spot in the house where 6-8 other wifi networks have become 'visible'. Even though they are password protected, it still seems to mess up our own wifi connection in our house. I don't know why it would but it does. Any way to block those other networks? I already have the networks settings so that it doesn't remember joined networks. Don't know what else to do.
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    The only way they can affect your network is if they're on the same channel. AirPort Radar Widget (Mac) will show what channels are being used by nearby networks, so you can choose one that doesn't conflict. Other than that, the presence of other networks in the area won't affect yours, as long as you have yours protected by a secure WPA2 password. You can select your channel by launching AirPort Utility (in your /Applications/Utilities folder), then going to Manual Setup > AirPort tab > Wireless > Channel.
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    There's always....


    The following products are a few of our select shielding solutions:
    EM-SEC E10090’s unique formulation generates an electromagnetic shield that restricts your wireless network signals and keeps them confined to the shielded space. In other words, your wireless network will not be accessible to anyone outside your office, room or facility.

    EM-SEC E10090 — Wireless Security Coating
    EM-SEC E10090 is a water-based polymer security system. When applied as a surface coating to individual rooms or entire facilities, it provides a shield and creates a secure Electromagnetic Fortress against eavesdropping and airborne electronic theft.

    That's one way to block wifi networks. Though, I'm sure it costs a lot, and likely is not your problem in the first place. ;)
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    No, what you ask for can't be done. You can't block radiowaves without a faradys cage
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    The presence of the other networks is causing interference with your network, resulting in reduced performance. Probably your best option is to set up your router in 5GHz mode if it supports it. Very few networks operate at 5 GHz so you should see greatly improved performance. The only thing is that if your router doesn't support dual-band, when it is in 5GHz mode it wont be detected by/work with devices that don't support 5GHz, such as older computers and iPhones etc.

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