How to change ICloud ID account?

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    I used my email address and now I have changed it and I was able to change my Apple ID to the new email, but I cannot figure out how to change the ICloud ID? This is nuts!
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    Back up your stuff before attempting to change iCloud ID. When you "log out" of the iCloud ID on your Mac, all your contacts and calendar and anything else OSX "thinks" is associated with that iCloud ID gets deleted. Well, that's not entirely true. It asks you first but it won't let you sign out unless you agree to delete the stuff. To get the stuff back, you sign back in or sign in to the same account or sign in to a new iCloud account and restore the stuff from a backup you made before you signed out. I'm not sure but I believe you can change the email address associated with your iCloud account without actually changing accounts.
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    Figured it Out

    Hello. So not sure if this answers the question, but I think I will be helping a lot of people who need it.
    I will be explaining how to take an icloud account that previously has multiple people in the account and splitting each into separate accounts.
    1. Take an iPhone that you want to keep as the original phone on the account. Go into Settings>iCloud>Storage&Backup>Manage Storage, and tap the phone(s) that you want to delete off the original account. Scroll Down and hit Delete (or something like that, do not quite remember). Now the iphone(s) is off the original account.
    2. Go onto iTunes from any device or computer and go into the store. Click Account. Go and create a new account as to use for the recently dropped ones from the original account.
    3. Once all the email addresses have been verified and you are done following the steps given by Apple, go into your phones/devices and tap the iTunes App. Go the bottom left option of Featured in iTunes. Scroll all the way down to the bottom until you see an email address. You will notice that your device is still connected to the original account. To fix this, click the email address, choose sign out, and finally your device will be completely off the account.
    4. Sign back into iTunes with the newly created account's information.
    5. Go into Settings>iCloud. The new email address should be already put into the username box, and you only need to insert your password. Log in, and allow iCloud to ask you all of its questions so it can set up your new iCloud account. Personally, I do not pay for the account and try to make the best out of my free 5gb, so I limit as much data being put on iCloud as I can. I myself have Contacts, Photo Stream, and
    6.Lastly go into Settings>Messages>Receive At. Most likely there are 2 addresses you can be reached for, the phone number and one email address. make sure this email address is one that you want. Also, the Apple ID on the top will probably still be on the original account, so make sure to sign out, and then sign back in as the new one. verify that you want it, and you should be done!!!
    Find My Iphone on so I can have the most important things (at least for me).
    Hopefully this helped!!!!!!:apple:

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