How to change iCloud ID?

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by gadgetgirl85, Oct 24, 2014.

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    I have been using an old apple ID from 7 years ago (Had a mac account) but now have created a new address. How do I change the setup on all my macs?
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    First log into you web portal for iCloud at Apple - My Apple ID. Then use System Preferences->iCloud pane and sign into what account you want to use.
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    I don't think you want to do that! Otherwise all your content on the 'old' 7 year A-ID will be invalid for future download of said content in future, when signed-in with a 'new' A-ID email account.

    One thing you can always do, is go to and change your Alternate Email Address to the email address you currently use, for receipts and all Apple comms to get sent to that email address, but still sign-in with your (or me/icloud) email as your A-ID for purchasing.

    Remember that email addresses are all interchangeably using the sme inbox and background functions on your account (provided you were using the previous service before they went on to the next one – which in your case you clearly were as a email user), so you could use the later if you wanted. Or you could ignore the email function of the A-ID, and just continue using it as the sign-in for A-ID for various Apple digital stores purchases.

    For the foreseeable future all mac/me/icloud email address A-ID's cannot be changed to a new email address either. And that's highly unlikely to ever change.

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