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    Jan 25, 2008
    I have a small challenge to do with changing the icons for a number of network items. I have a number of fixed items on my network; 3 ReadyNASes, 2 Time Capsules, and 1 Airport Extreme. The 3 ReadyNASes are broadcasted in AFP, CIFS, and SMD. So when I open up my finder, I have a long list of items in the left bar, in the shared section. So far so good.

    The icons for these items are interesting; MacBooks and the Time Capsules are correctly displayed as such, but the ReadyNASes (AFP, CIFS, and SMD) are displayed as various things - the AFP entries as Mac Pros, one of the ReadyNASes as an ACD, and the SMD entries as old fashioned monitors with a BSOD:)

    How do I change these? I have tried the same method as how I changed the icons on my desktop, but that didn't work. I have copied ICNS files on the finder info entries, but it doesn't work...

    If I open up the Info on one of the icons, it states "Kind: Mac, Where: Network", and the icon is an ATD.

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    Change icons

    To use a different icons in a Mac...
    Download icons from Google...unless you have yourown.
    Or click once on the folder whose icon you want.
    Command I For get info
    Click its icon
    Select the icon of the folder you want to change.
    Get info
    Select the unwanted icon.
    Click paste
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    That's exactly what I have done on other icons, but for some reason that doesn't work on items in the network folder...

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