How to change sync'd PC without data loss?

Discussion in 'iPad' started by GFLPraxis, May 3, 2010.

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    Mar 17, 2004
    I bought my iPad 3G while in the process of moving (I just bought my first home). As my desktop Mac was boxed, for the sake of getting my iPad up and running as quickly as possible, I sync'd it off of my MacBook, and then switched it to Manually Manage.

    Now, my Mac is up and running again. I've made some app purchases on the iPad, as well as several in-app purchases (Marvel Comics).

    However, I'd like to sync it off of my desktop Mac instead of my MacBook, so that I get my purchased iPhone apps, such as iSilo (which is universal), Ocarina, etc, moved over. But, if I sync it from the desktop Mac, it will erase the apps on it that I've purchased iPad- and I don't see a way to redownload those apps on the iTunes store on my desktop.

    In other words; I've purchased Scrabble on my iPad, but if I try to DL it on iTunes, it wants me to pay again. I've purchased iSilo on iTunes, but if I try to download it on my iPad, it wants me to pay again. I could get iSilo (+ others) on by syncing my iPad through iTunes, but then Scrabble (+ others) would be erased.

    What's the solution to this situation?

    Thanks all.
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    Once you pay for an app its yours. Just use the same purchase account to re-download. no worries.
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    Are both computers using the same iTunes account?

    If so, when you plug into your desktop, it will give you the opportunity to transfer your purchased apps/music/movies.

    Also, although iTunes appears to want to charge you for the apps over again, it will not double charge you. It will simply re-download.
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    Jun 11, 2009
    Does this also apply to music and books? I have so far only purchased stuff on my laptop so I could download to both my iphone and ipad. But I've been curious if I buy it on my ipad would it sync to my iphone? Would music bought from the ipad be able to be transferred to my laptop?

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