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How to check if you have new HDD installed?


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Dec 2, 2011
Vancouver BC
The 1TB HD of my late 2010 iMac 21" failed two days ago. This happened a day after noticing the SMART error in Disk Utility and months of significant lags overall. So I took it to my local authorized service provider and the guy there told me I would need to purchase a new HD (I had no AppleCare). It cost me $300 CAD.

When I get it back, I want to check if the actual new HD that I paid for is installed and not my old HD that was fixed somehow. Is there any way I could check this? Thx
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Dec 19, 2008
London Ontario
Hard drives are cheap replaceable items.. repairing them is not practical.
it is Way way way cheaper to just replace the drive with a new one rather than fixing your old one. especially if they go through the effort of opening the computer.
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