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Apr 26, 2006
Hi all

imagine this: one 30 year old guy, just moved away from his home country. He's got some savings so he has the possibility of choosing his next job without feeling real pressure to accept just anything.
Weeks go by CVs are sent and not many companies call for interview...
Suddenly, 2 companies are keen to hire the guy:

a) cool looking internet style company, relaxed atmosphere, young people all around. Salary is quite unimpressive and the job itself is kind of funny, but probably for the first few months only. After that, it will probably feel like the candidate is over-qualified unless some new business opportunities are found within the company. The good part is that the interview went so well that they immediately ask the candidate to consider starting a 2 week trial period the following monday.

b) financial business, not so attractive looking, people are a bit older and the office is in a very respectable part of the city. the job itself is closer to what the dude's experience will qualify him for but still isn't the most interesting product he's ever seen. Of course, salary offered is about 3 times higher than the other company. the downside: there has to be a second interview, which can be scheduled freely... for the week when the other company's trial period is under way.

ain't life a bitch?


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May 28, 2007
Why don't you tell the internet company that you're considering other offers at the time, and tell them to give you another week to decide, in which you'll do your interview to see if you got the financial company. Or you can say that you'll start on the trial to get a feel, but you're still considering other options. Then arrange the interview with the other company, and call in sick the day you need to go to the interview. You can also ask the internet company what's the highest they're willing to pay you, and tell them the salary is what's holding you back since you have other more lucrative offers. Any way, try to keep both options open, and be polite when you talk to the internet company. You don't want to seem like you don't want to be there or think the company have no potential, just someone who's having a hard time deciding between different opportunities and see what they're willing to do to keep you. Good luck!


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Jul 11, 2003
I see no reason why you can't take the 2 week trial (hey, it's YOUR trial period too) and take the second interview. Tel the Internet company you would like to take the 2 week trial but that you have a prior commitment that would force you to miss a day or 1/2 day of work.


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Aug 5, 2005
Manchester UK
I would do as rdowns says. I have a job similar sounding to the second one that you desribed. I really enjoy it and the good pay definitely helps.