How To: Clamshell Mode with Bootcamp, XP and MacBook Pro

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    Okay. This took me forever to figure out but the answer is reall simple. I am putting this quick tutorial together because I couldn't find one before.

    If you have a MacBook Pro, XP and an external monitor and you want to run the MBP with the cover closed and the external monitor on...

    2. Go to the bottom (see attached) and find Apple Bootcamp. Select your options.
    3. It asks if you want to download the drivers as well as the Control Panel. You just need the control panel.
    4. Install the Control Panel. Reboot if necessary. NOTE: ecpect an error message upon reboot that says this panel isn't compatible with the provided ATI drivers (the ones on Apple's Bootcamp DVD). Ignore the warning.
    5. Click on the desktop and select properties, then screen saver tab, then power (at the bottom). Go to the advanced tab and about halfway down change "When I close the lid of my portable computer" to "do nothing". Save.
    6. Click on the ATI logo in your toolbar (next to the clock). Select basic setup (the wizard). Keep clicking until you see a bunch of monitors. Select your external one and it will come on and your MBP will go off. Save and reboot. Close cover. It should boot up on your external monitor and the Apple light on the back of your MBP will be off.
    7. When it boots up you will get that ATI error message again. Go to Start then Run. Type and open "msconfig". Go across to the Startup tab and uncheck CLIStart and save.

    THAT'S IT!

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    Found this post via google. My Mac isn't in that list. (13" MBP).
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    You're not using an ATi video card either.
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    Clamshell mode with XP on MacBook

    A modification to the above protocol is super easy and worked for my Intel MacBook, which is also not in the list for the driver/control panel download above.

    1. Go to the icon for your graphics driver in the toolbar next to the clock - mine is a little blue square labeled 'Intel Graphics Media Accelerator Driver for Mobile'.
    2. Left click on it, go to Graphics Options --> Output To --> Monitor.

    That's it! I banged my head against the wall for a long time on this one...for all that it was a really simple fix. I'm guessing this would be a good place to start troubleshooting regardless of your Windows OS/video card/graphics driver/etc.

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