how to clean install and restore apps?

Discussion in 'macOS High Sierra (10.13)' started by fidio, Mar 15, 2018.

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    hi, i just bought a ssd for my MBP and i want to clean install (from sierra to highsierra) to change name&group etc (cause used by someone else before). is possible make clean install and restore apps & data?
    what steps to do, this's my first mac.
    Thank you
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    You're probably going to want to download HS from the app store first then, unless you already have. Then get a USB flash drive and plug it into the computer. Follow this guide to get the OS installer onto the flash drive.

    Now reboot your Mac holding down the Option key. You'll get a menu where you can pick to boot from the USB. Do so. Then select Disk Utility, erase the SSD and format it either as APFS or HFS+ (with GPT partition table).

    Now just install macOS. after that, you just install all the apps you want again, either from discs, web or backups or whatever.
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    No need to make a USB installer if your computer had at least 10.12.4 on it previously. on 10.12.4 and higher, bootrom is changed in a pretty cool way. If you hold cmd+option+R the computer will go to internet recovery for the latest compatible OS version.

    Now, If you haven't had High Sierra on the machine yet, you will need to format the drive to HFS+ first to do the install and let it convert to APFS during install, if you format to APFS without the necessary bootrom update that came with High Sierra install, the volume wont be recognized. See link:

    Further, during migration assistant from backup or the previous drive, deselect everything except system applications folder and you can create the user accounts you want but have apps.

    Hope this helps.
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