How to clean install Windows 7 with Boot Camp without an install disc

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    Apr 14, 2013
    I recently bought my mac off a friend and they had the Windows 7 installed. I enjoyed this feature besides the fact they had deepfreeze/thaw-space installed. I finally learned recently how to uninstall it (Make it now load on start up) by deleting the start up registry in regedit. But I just did this and I will know if it truly worked after I restart my computer. Anyway. They is a lot of junk on it and I did a clean install of my mac because I upgraded it to 10.7 (It wouldn't go to 10.8) from 10.6. How do I use boot camp to reinstall windows 7 if I lost the install disc they used? Also they have the adobe CS6 suite on it is there a way I could keep them? Also the thawspace, is there a correct way to rid the os of this? Thanks in advance.

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    Mar 23, 2009
    If you know DeepFreeze's password all you need is to switch it to Disable (for good, not until next reboot), and uninstall it.

    If for some reason you still want to reinstall the OS, you'll need to create a CD or USB (depend on your computers model, not all macs can boot from USB).
    by downloading the original disk image from here:

    You'll of course need the product key to install it.

    Same thing for Photoshop, you can download the trial version and activate it with your product key.
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    How do I find the long in to uninstall this? and if I don't know the password what then. I think I do but Don't know until I try. So How do I get to the control panel?
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