How to combine TIFF files into a movie?

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by Ruahrc, Aug 17, 2011.

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    I have a series of TIFF images showing a time lapse. I'm trying to find a way that I can stack them all on top of each other, and then convert it into a short movie that can be played from a powerpoint presentation. What's the easiest method? Would work instead to put the pictures together into an animated GIF?

    As far as software goes, I have the CS5 suite available, or a really old version of iMovie ('08). Could either of those programs work? Or is there another (preferrably free) program that can do this?


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    If you have the CS5 suite then just use After Effects. Import as a tiff sequence and render. :cool:

    EDIT: If you do not have After Effects in your version of the suite, then go to Adobe's website and you can dl it for free trial.
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    Load them into Keynote or Powerpoint, set your slide timings as desired to flip to the next slide as fast or slow as desired, render the whole show as a QT video?

    I would think that would be easy and you probably have Keynote or Powerpoint.
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    This is a standard menu selection in QuickTime Pro.
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    Sorry commented be fore reading completely.
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    I second After Effects, especially given you already have it.
    I made a time-lapse of a building being constructed every day over the course of three months, shooting every 36 seconds, ten hours a day, and After Effects made this as simple as ever via Import Sequence. We're talking 65,000 photos or so.
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    Thanks for the suggestions

    Unfortunately I don't have Adobe After effects (just the standard CS5 suite) but I did hack together a combination of rendering the movie as a slideshow in powerpoint, then re-encoding it using Adobe Media Encoder since the Powerpoint-created movie was about 70MB for a 6-second clip, and after encoding it was only about 3MB.

    I tried playing around with using photoshop to set each clip as layers but as I only have photoshop CS5 "Standard" and not "Extended" I couldn't do the video stuff.

    A bit of a hack job I admit but sufficient for my purposes.


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