How to Complain About Merchant Customer Exchange / CurrentC

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Batman89, Oct 27, 2014.

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    Honey, this is a group which somehow believes consumers will happily give them their social security number, AND drivers license number, AND direct bank withdrawal account info, all of which will be stored in the cloud. In short, a hacker's paradise. All in the name of avoiding cc swipe fees while enriching the ability to mine/sell detailed customer transaction info. Because, y'know, we don't get enough junk mail now. Trust me, this ain't a crew that cares about customers. If they did, they'd be busy shipping out a jar of Vaseline to every household.

    Vote with your e-Wallet, whether Apple Pay or Google Wallet. This is the one time fans of each can join forces to make their combined concerns crystal clear.

    Bottom-line: Dear Merchant, you are as popular as your customers dictate. Be prepared to hear the sounds of crickets accompanying your Christmas bells this year. It's the gift you've given yourself. Enjoy!
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    Complaining will do nothing, but if it makes you feel better!
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    Agreed. While I won't avoid retailers that don't take Apple Pay, I won't use CurrentC.
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    That's the way to go. I'm not going to change my shopping habits for Apple pay.

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