How to configure 1 bluetooth 2 users


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Apr 19, 2006
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My wife and I have one iphone each but just 1 bluetooth headset (apple) is there a way I can use it either with my iphone or hers?

I mean, I just paired the headset to each iphone, but I have managed to use it just with one iphone... howcome? What is the procedure so that when I click the headset button it recognices the iphone that it is being ask to work with?


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Aug 31, 2007
I'm Confused!

What do you mean? I know that you cannot use the headset with either phone simutaneously (SP) , for example, have both phones close enough to use the headset with whichever one rings, you can only have one headset paied to one phone at a time, they must be unpaired to repair witha different phone.


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Oct 27, 2006
You 'should' be able to use any BT headset - even Apple's - with multiple phones, just as you can use multiple headsets with one phone. However, in your case I can see 2 potential problems:

1. You keep BT turned on on both iPhones at all times. The headset could be confused as to which phone to pair to.
2. You use the headset dock to charge one of the phones. Whichever iPhone is in that dock will automatically pair to the headset each time you dock.

The simple solution is to turn BT off on the phone not using the headset. This will save some battery life on the phone as well. Or, buy another headset ;)
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