How to connect my particular Mac to my particular TV


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Jan 26, 2012
I've been looking through forums and things for the right cables to buy to do this, but I'm not entirely sure so I figured I'd ask for myself. I have an older TV from salvation army, one with the red, yellow, and white female outlets. I also have a 13 in Macbook Pro, which I bought refurbished February 2011 (that's sort of the beginning and end of my knowledge on which generation it is and all). I'm pretty sure I need this or

I'm not sure which would be better...

Attaching that to the TV, I think I need something like this:, but then the plugs are female, not male, and won't work with my TV

Of course, i may be way off about what I need in the first place, so feel free to assume I know nothing :)



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Mar 14, 2008
Your older CRT TV with the red yellow and white female plugs only has a 640x480 resolution, which would make it nearly useless as an external screen.

Here is a link to show you what 640x480 would be able to show, compared to what your MBP's screen(1280x800) is able to display. Sidewalk 640x480.jpg
See how small that is on your screen? That is the amount of information your older TV can display, no more, no less.

Unless you plan all you plan on using it for is to watch DVDs(which are encoded in 640x480), I'd suggest you use something else.

Browsing the web on such a small resolution would be painful.
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