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Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by Mork, Feb 2, 2014.

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    We have created a Mavericks OS/X Server account to sync our calendars (sorry iCloud), but after creating the server calendar account, how do I get my iPhone's calendar entries on to the server calendar account the iPhone using?

    Both accounts are live on the iphone -> both the iPhone account and the CalDav account.

    I created, successfully, a CalDav account on the iPhone, but the problem is that I need to "copy" the existing iPhone's calendar to that calDav account on the (same) iPhone. Once I do that copy, then all will be good and the sync will be as wanted -- using the calDav calendar.

    So, could anyone tell me how to copy an existing iPhone calendar to another calendar account on the same iPhone?

    I'm sure this is probably easy, but I'm not seeing it at the moment.

    Thanks in advance.

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    As far as I'm aware, not easily. I had to do this on a Mac when I wanted to move from Google calendar to iCloud calendar. I was able to download the entire calendar in .ics format from Google then import into iCal. Not sure if there's a way around it that doesn't involve you setting up a sync.
  3. numlock, Feb 3, 2014
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    this is not an easy task if the calendar events only live on the iphone. i had to do this on an ipod touch not so long ago and a 3rd party software like iexplorer is the only option.

    i had tried to add both a google and icloud calendar and i believe the info on the screen talked of merging and syncing but the events never appeared on either gogole calendar nor icloud and when i deleted those services the existing events were gone.

    google export ics from iphone. perhaps you can add the ics to your existing server calendar but you could have to use ical/calendar on your mac where you have both the server calendar and newly imported iphone ics and then there is a little program called cop icalcopy which should do the rest.

    this is one of those were you really have to wonder who apple is employing. its such a total disregard for a predicament you can easily find yourself in.
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    I'm echoing what's been said but there are apparantly apps that can "extract" the on-board unsynced iOS calendar information. I can't recommend one over another.

    Just search for "Extract iOS calendar" or "Export iOS calendar".

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