How to copy non-iTunes purchased media for backup?

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    Title might not be specific enough, here's what I want to do.

    I want to completely wipe my MBP and clean install everything. I can individually backup everything I need, except I'm confused by iTunes. My large library is about half iTunes purchased content (which I don't need to backup because it's in iCloud attached to my account). I do want to backup all my non-itunes purchased media.

    Is there an easy way to separate these files by type? what is the bast way to backup non-itunes purchased media? Thanks.
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    Make a smart playlist using the rule:
    Purchased is false

    Back up the contents of that playlist.

    Or, select your music library, and then "View Options" from the View menu.
    Tick the "Purchase Date" box under the 'Stats' heading of the window.
    Then sort your music by purchase date, select and back up everything that doesn't have a date.

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