How to copy Windows XP Disc to Another Disk Utility

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    I have a 40.00 GB hard drive which is Windows XP on a windows xp machine. I need to move everything from this to a 1.00 TB hard drive so when I put the 1 tb into the machine it doesn't think anything has changed other than there being more space.

    I have already attempted to do this in disk utility. I used two caddys, I formatted the new 1 tb drive to NFTS and used the restore function to use the 40 tb as the source and the new drive as the destination this took over an hour however the HP hardware could not find windows and just said attempting to boot from hard disk and was stuck there.

    I read something about cloning the disk and not the partition but I could not really understand it.

    Please could somebody give me some laymans terms guides on how I can simply clone the 40 gb on to the 1tb disk using a mac program (preferably disk utility) bearing in mind I have two USB caddys so that the HP hardware works fine with the new 1tb hard disk. To clarify the fact that I am using a mac is purely incidental it has no interaction with the xp stuff on a normal basis.

    Hugely appreciative of any help you can give me.
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