How to criticize the MBP and not be mean!

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by aevan, Nov 1, 2016.

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    So you don't like the new MacBook Pro? Hey, it's fine, you're not alone - this forum seems to be full of people who agree (and disagree). You're more than welcome to share your views too! However, what you probably shouldn't do - is be a jerk towards others about it!

    Now, I am not here to tell you to stop saying whatever you want. It's not up to me to moderate anyone here (there are forum moderators for that) and most of the things I consider to be hurtful to other people's feelings are within your right to say (I don't think anyone should be censored or anything). It's your right to be mean, if you really want to. But it's my right to point out that you're mean and explain why I think you are mean. So, here's this long post! :)

    I'll give you some examples! First, a few examples of criticism that are just fine.

    Example A: I really dislike the new MacBook Pro, in fact - I HATE it - it is simply not for me! I'm not buying one because I need more RAM, ports and it's too expensive. Disappointed.

    This is really ok. It doesn't have to be true for me, but I understand what you're saying. Hope you find something better.

    Example B: This computer should cost $1500, this is just crazy! And it should have Kaby Lake! And I want a higher resolution screen! Give us touchscreen, Apple! Microsoft is doing all the innovation now, fire Tim Cook!

    This is also fine. I think it’s 100% wrong though - no way could it cost that little and Kaby Lake isn’t available for these models. Also, I don’t think we need a higher resolution screen and I think touchscreen Macs would be a bad idea. BTW, I like Cook's Apple. But, really - the post is fine. I may respond to this, say what I think, but this is not insulting or rude, or anything bad. If you want a touchscreen, you want a touchscreen - fine. If you're not informed about the availability of Kaby Lake CPUs, also fine. If you dislike Cook - hey, I'm not him!

    So, these are fine. But not all posts are. Some posts are, kinda, you know, mean spirited and hurtful. Most of them won't get you a warning from the moderators, but they still kinda feel bad and can hurt people's feelings - so why be a jerk if you don't have to?

    Here are some examples:

    Example A: I'm not buying the new MacBook Pro because it is obvious that Apple does not make machines for professionals anymore.

    Ok, so this is not that terrible, but it does pinch a nerve. Since I'm getting one, does that mean I'm not a professional? Why not just say "Apple does not make machines for my needs anymore!". Feel free to add your dislike towards Tim Cook, say that Apple sucks and wow never to pay them a dime ever again! All fine. But don't question the professional status of the many people that will buy the darn thing.

    Example B: No true professional would consider getting this joke of a machine. Anyone who thinks this computer is fine is a fanboy who will eat whatever Tim Cook serves them. True professionals are switching to PCs.

    This is downright insulting to a whole bunch of people. It may seem you're criticizing Apple, but in fact you're just complimenting their salesmanship skills, while insulting their customers instead.

    Example C: Tim Cook needs to step down! No one wants the thing to be thinner, and we all want more ports!

    You may think this is fine, but actually, this makes a lot of assumptions about what other people want. Imagine if I said something like: "Everyone wants to vote for Trump" or "Everyone supports Hillary" - or if I said - "Everyone actually believes in God", or, "You know, no one really believes in God!" A lot of people would have an issue with lines like that, right? I'm not saying religious or political views are the same as laptop weight preference, but I am saying that people don't like other people to speak for them. And even if you modify your line to say "majority of people want X" (which is a bit better) - you better have some research data with you and not some anecdotal evidence. Look, I get it - YOU don't want it to be thinner. All your friends don't want it thinner either. Great. You're not everyone - and you're not me.

    Example D: Why would anyone be crazy to buy this thing, when you can get an i7, GTX 1060 and 32Gb of RAM for $1599! It is clearly and objectively a better choice!

    This can also rub some people the wrong way, because it supposedly explains how there is clearly a better value out there, making you feel like a sucker for not getting that "better" option. Of course, it assumes the only thing everyone cares about is getting the fastest components for the least money, not taking anything else into account - build quality, screen quality, personal preference, etc. It also assumes these points are “the important ones”, making you feel shallow if you, for example, value aesthetics or the operating system or whatever else. Why not say "I think this has a better value - because of this and that" - instead of presenting it like an objectively better choice. No, it's not objectively better, because not everyone's needs and wants are the same.

    So - how can you criticize without hurting anyone's feelings? It’s really easy. Just speak for yourself and not the others (Instead of saying “no true professional would buy the MBP”, why not just say “I’m a professional and I have no intention of buying the MBP”. Use sentences like “The new MBP sucks for me” instead of “The new MBP is for suckers” - criticize the product, not the people that like it. Apply this to all products/services/entertainment that you dislike and enjoy a better, happier forum experience: for yourself and for others. Peace!
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    No true professional needs a safe space! Am I doing this right?
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    You know...ifixit discovered that 13mbp is non memory upgradable. Ssd is not soldered but requires special ssd. Stated 2/10 as repairable. If anyone is planning to buy 13 inch, get maxed out that you could afford.
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    Wow, really a long but nice post. :)

    I totally agree with you.
    We should calm down, relax and wait for our ordered Laptops. Or if we are against this new macbooks we should also cool down and maybe searching for good alternatives without raging. :rolleyes:
    Come on guys, let's get some new machines in our damn greedy hands and start computing again.

    Peace :)
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    I disagree, 8GB is enough of RAM. And with a superfast SSD, I don't even care if data needs to be loaded into memory twice.
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    Wow - hold on with the assumptions there buddy.

    Build quality/screen quality are always important. Why are you assuming those aren't factored into recommendations people like me make?
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    Memory has been soldered on for a few years now.

    I've probably said this too much in various threads but I am getting so sick of hearing about how Apple has lost it's way. Maybe it has, but if it did it lost it 20 years ago when Steve Jobs came back; not when he died. When Steve Jobs came back his entire vision was to shift Apple from being a pro niche company to an everyday consumer company.

    Either way, this song has been playing for a LOOOOONG time (just search through 5+ year old threads on this forum saying the same thing after THOSE announcements!).
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    I wish you the best with your effort to bring civility to the internet. for me, what I found works is just setting to ignore, the users with the least cooperative positions. there are only a few here that bring the majority of the vitriol. finding and blocking them has made for a much more peasant experience.

    take for example:
    so angry and bitter with a self centered point of view. probably going on the ignore list.
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    Its an inanimate object. It won't care if you are mean.
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    Why are you angry and bitter?
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    If anyone can't take reading criticism of a product they truly need to distance themselves from public forums such as these. My goodness - people are talking about some product, if you're going to get your feelings hurt over that? Ouch!
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    I think I was clear I don't care what you think or say about any product or company. But some people here are basically calling a lot of other people unprofessional, naive or delusional.

    Hey, I wrote what I thought, as I said, no one has to agree. This place used to be one of the more civil forums out there (at least in my experience). Now - it's a pissing contest in who will ridicule a larger group of people.

    Either way, I said what I had and I'm glad I said it. Feel free to ignore it all.
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    I don't know if you're joking or not - anyway, it was just one example. I have no idea what do you factor into your recommendations.
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    I don't know if I made my self clear - but what I tried to convey is that I really don't mind anyone criticising any product. You can say it's the worst piece of **** ever produced by man, I really don't care. But I do get annoyed when I read between the lines (or very directly) that I'm some gullible sheep that doesn't know what professionalism is.

    Let me put it this way: what if I started saying that MacBooks are appreciated only by intelligent people who have good taste. You wouldn't mind me saying that? I basically called anyone who dislikes the MBP a stupid person with no taste. But if you complained, I could always say: "hey, relax, I was just talking about a product." In reality, I wasn't talking about the product, I was talking about people.
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    Sign me up! :)

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