how to decrease margins and header and footer on pages

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    Mar 15, 2013
    I wanted to try decreasing the left and right margins on iwork pages, and to also decrease the header and footer, but I can't seem to figure out how to do either. When I open up the layout section of the inspector, here is what I see (screenshot attached). But I've seen all these tutorials online that show all of this other stuff below that such as these boxes you can check that say 'headers' and 'footers', which I assume is how you would decrease the white space on the top and bottom of the document. Why isn't it showing me all the options?
    As far as the left and right margins go, I don't get why it already says '0 in' for them. I think they are actually set to 1 least that's how big the left and right margins look on the document. So all those tiny black arrows next to the '0 in' do is allow me to increase the margin, not to decrease it.
    If anyone can let me know how I can decrease the left and right margins, and also the white space on the top and bottom of each page, please let me know. thanks.

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    Hi :)

    You have to select the first little tab in the Inspector --your screen shot shows you are in the second tab.

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